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No Man’s Sky: How to Adopt a Pet Companion

In No Man’s Sky, players can adopt up to six organic and robotic pets by feeding them Creature Pellets or Iron Batteries on their native planets.

In No Man’s Sky, players can adopt a pet companion to have a friend accompany them on their journey. While pets are mostly cosmetic items, they can be fed and decorated with additional cosmetics. To acquire a pet, players will first need to find a planet with local wildlife and fauna. Then, to adopt a pet, players will need to craft Creature Pellets, which they can create from Carbon found on most planets. Once players have Creature Pellets, they should search the area for a creature they would like to adopt as a pet.

Once players have identified a creature they would like as a pet in No Man’s Sky, they should feed them a Creature Pellet. While their new friend is enjoying the treat, players will be given the adoption to adopt them. For the adoption to succeed, players need to have an open slot in their creature menu, which can be found by selecting the paw print icon in the quick menu. Players will only have a limited number of available creature slots, and they can purchase more for Nanites directly from the creature menu. By purchasing additional slots, players will be able to hold a total of six pet companions. Once a companion has been added to the creature menu, players can go into the creature menu and select summon. Once a pet is summoned, it will stand near the player on whatever No Man’s Sky planet they are on, and the player can feed and interact with their pet. Of note, there are certain in-game areas where players will not be able to summon their pets.


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In addition to adopting the local wildlife for pets, like lizards or small four-legged animals, players can also adopt robots that they discover on their journey. To find a robotic companion, players will need to warp to an uncharted system. Players can identify an uncharted system because no race is listed, and the economy information is listed as no data. To do so, players should first acquire Ion Batteries and fill their Hyperdrive with fuel in No Man’s Sky. From there, players can warp to their chosen uncharted system.

How to Adopt a Pet Companion in No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky Companion Update Mechanical

Once players land on a planet in the uncharted system, they should open their creature menu. When players open the menu, if they see the option for Iron Batteries, that indicates robots inhabit this planet. Conversely, if players see Creature Pellets in their creature menu, they should warp to another planet and try again. Players can then explore the planet for a robot they would like to adopt and feed them Iron Batteries. Once fed, players can adopt them just like organic creatures and store them in No Man’s Sky if they have the creature inventory slots in No Man’s Sky.

Additionally, players can change their pet’s color by having it lay an egg. Players should allow the pet to remain on its native planet and feed it regularly to increase happiness. Once the pet is sufficiently happy, it will lay an egg, which will take 24 in-game hours. Once players have the egg, they should bring it to the Anomaly. Near the merchant who rates food, players will discover the Egg Sequencer. Players should then look for the Dye Injector option, which is to the right from the Nexus where they land. Players should fill the Dye Injector with an item that matches the color they would like their pet to become, and when the egg hatches, it will match the item from the Dye Injector.

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No Man’s Sky is available on the PlayStation 4 and 5, the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Steam, Android, and PC.

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