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Ozark: MBTI® Of The Main Characters

Even though Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) was the lead character in the Netflix hit series Ozark, he didn’t carry the show all by himself. Marty is a genius but he is a team player who always works with others to get the job done. As a result, the show had plenty of interesting characters.

As for the main characters, none of them share similar personalities. They all have different beliefs and this often leads them to clash. But that’s what made Ozark a brilliant show. Here is where each main character in Ozark fits in the Myers-Briggs® personality types.

Sue Shelby – INFJ

INFJs come off as weird on some occasions but they are good at helping others solve their problems. They tend to listen and analyze situations before providing solutions. Due to these characteristics, they are also known as “The Counsellors.”


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Amongst the Ozark personality types, Sue fits in this category perfectly because she is a therapist. She is the woman that Wendy and Marty go to see after Charlotte suggests that they seek help for their marital problems. She is kind and considerate though she later becomes too high on her own brilliance and gets herself killed.

Darlene Snell – ISTP

Darlene is mysterious, spontaneous, and unpredictable. Even though she appears as a reasonable woman from the outside, she is capable of switching and turning into a monster in an instant. This is a trait that’s commonly associated with ISTPs.

There are times when Darlene has been shown to be a good lover and a good adoptive mother. But then it’s hard to forget that she did one of the worst things in Ozark by poisoning her husband after a disagreement. She also killed a cartel representative during a business meeting after he made fun of her.

Ben – ESFP

Ben looking sad in Ozark

They aren’t known as “The Performers” for no reason. ESFPs are not only good at interacting with others but also entertaining them. They are charming, generous, and fun-loving. That’s what Wendy Byrde’s brother Ben is all about.

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As soon as he arrives at the Ozarks, he forms a great bond with Jonah. Audiences see him doing crazy things like running naked and driving a motorboat at full speed, He also charms the no-nonsense Ruth and maker her fall in love with him.

Charlotte Byrde – INFP

INFPs live life according to their own values and beliefs. They have a picture in their mind of how they believe situations out to be and whenever situations aren’t that way, they become very upset. This describes Wendy and Marty’s teenage daughter Charlotte perfectly.

She hates the fact that her parents are laundering money for a cartel. She sees what they are doing as evil even though she does a few bad things herself like stealing books. She even tries to emancipate herself from her family and goes ahead to hire a lawyer.

Helen – ESTJ

As the brutal cartel lawyer (and one of the best villains in Ozark) who was sent to the Ozarks to make sure Marty and Wendy were doing what they were required to do, Helen automatically qualifies to be an ESTJ.  People with this personality trait are also known as “The Supervisors.”

Hellen makes sure to report every bit of progress and regress to her boss. She also acts quickly to get rid of anything that might jeopardize the business. Sadly, she ends up being too ambitious and in the finale of the third and latest season, she gets killed.

Jonah Byrde -ISFJ

Jonah sat down and looking to his right in Ozark

Jonah is loyal to his parents despite the fact that they are criminals. And it’s not just his parents that he cares about. He has always cherished those that he is close to, including his sister Charlotte, his uncle Ben and finally Buddy, the family friend.

ISFJs are known for their loyalty and support. They also protect and defend the people they care about. Jonah goes as far as to create an online money-laundering platform to help his parents. Not to forget that he was ready to shoot Hellen too when he learned that she was involved in Ben’s death. There’s also that time he almost shot a cartel hitman that had come to kill his family.

Ruth Langmore – ESTP

Ozark Julia Garner

ESTPs like to do before they think. This describes Ruth perfectly. As an Ozark character that deserves her own spinoff,  She has always been a thrill-seeker who does things without really caring about the consequences. This was best shown when she organized for Ben to be released from the psychiatric facility.

She never considered that he’d put himself at risk by being outside. She just wanted him out because she loved him. Eventually, he stepped on the wrong toes and got killed. Ruth was also ready to kill Marty once. Something that would have been a bad decision since he’s the man who has helped her the most.

Omar Navarro – ENTJ

Otherwise known as commanders, ENTJs are known to be leaders who do a good job of making sure all the plans and strategies are adhered to. As the head of the Navarro Cartel, Omar is capable of telling whether those who work for him are doing a good job or not. He also knows when he is being played.

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He had Hellen killed because he figured out that she was scheming to get rid of Wendy and Marty. He also isolated gave Marty and gave him a major test to prove just how committed he was to the task. Omar has also shown that he is capable of dealing with his own cartel enemies.

Marty Byrde – INFJ

Jason Bateman in Ozark Season 2 Netflix

INFJs always have creative and brilliant ideas. When Marty’s colleagues are getting murdered by Del, he does some quick thinking and suggests the idea of laundering cartel money in the Missouri Ozarks instead of Chicago because the feds aren’t flooded there. This way, he saves his life.

Marty Byrde refusing to accept his fate the same way his colleagues did is another INFJ trait. INJFJs don’t just accept things as they are. They find a better way. Marty keeps up with his creativity by setting up legitimate ways to launder the money, including opening a lodge and a casino.

Wendy Byrde – ENTP

Wendy on the phone in Ozark

Alternatively known as visionaries, ENTPs are great at finding solutions to challenges, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of quotes to prove Wendy was the smartest character in Ozark. They are also good at fixing problems instead of running away from them. This is the case with Wendy who preferred to stay in the Ozarks and build an empire instead of packing and running away as Marty had suggested.

When it appeared as though it would be impossible to get the casino license. Wendy figured out a way to use Jonah’s online money laundering platform to blackmail the senator. She also figured out a way to change the minds of the couple that wasn’t willing to sell their business.

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