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Peaky Blinders: 10 Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Arthur As A Character

Fans of Paul Anderson, best known for playing Arthur Shelby in Peaky Blinders, are presumably wondering what the actor has been up to ever since the series ended. Well, Anderson is set to star in the World War II movie, Immortal, which follows a gold miner trying to flee from a Nazi SS patrol officer.

To many fans, Anderson will always be Arthur Shelby and even though there hasn’t been confirmation of his involvement, the actor is expected to reprise his role in the upcoming TV movie meant to properly conclude the events of the series. There are many things fans love about the character, among them his quotes. And a couple of those reflect his personality much better.


“I Know Who I Am, Linda. I Know Who I Am And I’m Alright With It.”

“Black Tuesday” (S5.E1)

Not happy with Arthur taking orders from Tommy despite the fact that he is now the Chairman of the board of the Shelby Company Limited, Linda urges Arthur to acquire more power. However, he shuts down the idea.

Arthur might be a loose cannon but he is extremely loyal. Never at any given moment does he consider betraying Tommy. The gangster is also aware of his limits. As much as Linda dreams of a husband who is the overall boss, Arthur knows that he isn’t smart enough to make most of the difficult decisions that Tommy does.

“This Place Is Under New Management By Order Of The Peaky Blinders.”

“Untitled Episode” (S2.E4)

Darby Sabini, one of the fiercest Peaky Blinders villains, finds out just how vicious Tommy’s gang can be when they raid one of his businesses, the Eden Club. After assaulting everyone, Arthur declares that the nightspot has now changed ownership.

Arthur is a bully who thrives on aggression, and nothing makes him happier than street conquests such as this. His delight is apparent when he steps up to announce the latest Peaky Blinders acquisition. And he doesn’t care that there are several people lying next to him, covered in blood.

“Out Of Kindness, Of My Heart, Your Sentence Has Been Commuted. Praise The Lord!”

“Gold” (S6.E3)

When opium gets stolen from the Salthouse docks storage, Arthur goes to confront the men that did it. Surprisingly, he chooses to leave without punishing them.

Arthur’s unpredictability is one of the most interesting things about him. Though he is known to be a brute, predicting what he’s going to do is never easy. Moreover, since he considers himself a religious person, he feels it would be better to pardon the culprits, yet such a move is guaranteed to make the gang lose its hard-earned respect.

“F**k Linda!”

“The Loop” (S5.E4)

Arthur doesn’t react too kindly when he is advised by his friends and family to change so that he can be a better man for Linda.

Among Arthur’s ugly traits is his self-centeredness. He puts no effort into his marriage as he feels his status as a Peaky Blinder is enough to make Linda worship him. Arthur is also one of the least romantic characters in the series. No part of him feels that doing something special for his wife would be worth it.

“My Heart Is A Battered Vessel, But Within, There Still Beats A Fluttering Pulse Of A Dream.”

“Untitled Episode” (S1.E5)

Arthur Sr. the estranged father of Arthur and Tommy, shows up claiming to have a business investment opportunity in America. An excited Arthur gives him funds, stating that he still dreams of big things, but it turns out his father is conning him.

Arthur is rarely content. Being a high-ranking member of the Peaky Blinders is a prestigious thing but it doesn’t satisfy Arthur. Deep inside him is not only the desire to be as astute a businessman as his brother but also the longing for better relationships with those around him, His naivety shines through his words too. He figures investing with his father will not only make him richer but also repair the relationship between the two. Unfortunately for him, that doesn’t happen.

“It’s God Who Pulls That Trigger Anyway.”

“Dangerous” (S4.E4)

Finn claims he doesn’t have what it takes to be a Blinder after Arthur gifts him a house in a chaotic neighborhood so that he can keep it in order. Arthur tells him not to worry about killing people because it’s actually God that decides life and death, not them.

Like every other gangster in the show, Arthur has an unorthodox view about death. He doesn’t see it as a bad thing since he kills on the regular. He has also come up with a way to justify the behavior, arguing that if God didn’t want people like him to kill, He would find a way to stop them. Well, Finn soon buys into the idea too.

“Point That Thing At My Head. That’s Where The Trouble Is.”

“Untitled Episode” (S2.E3)

Arthur is once confronted by Mrs. Ross, the mother of a boy whom he killed during a boxing match. He urges her to point the gun at his head, but when she does, he manages to disarm her.

Arthur has always been one of the bravest Peaky Blinders characters. He is fully aware that his grieving mother might fire the gun but as someone who fought in the Battle of the Somme and the Battle of Verdunm, nothing ever scares him. Through his words, Arthur also demonstrates self-acceptance. He knows his head is full of evil thoughts but he is okay with that.

“I’m A Good Man. But My Hands… These Hands Belong To The Devil.”

“Strategy” (S5.E3)

When Linda elopes with another man, Arthur tracks down the man he suspects is harboring her. The man refuses to tell her where she is so Arthur kills him before ruing his actions.

Arthur tends to be delusional at times and this is the perfect example of that. A part of him strongly believes that he is a decent person yet he clearly isn’t. His reaction also underlines his lack of intelligence since killing the man does nothing to repair his marriage. Instead, it only makes Linda hate him. And it’s this disdain that creates such a huge canyon between them and some of the best Peaky Blinders couples.

“I Heard The Blackbird Sing.”

“Untitled Episode” (S3.E3)

When Tommy captures Vicente Changretta in connection with one of the saddest Peaky Blinders deaths, that of Grace Shelby, he makes plans to torture him until the time the blackbird will sing in the morning. However, an angry Arthur is quick to shoot Vicente, claiming he already heard the bird sing.

Arthur has always had a hard time controlling his emotions. His words and actions here not only highlight his lack of patience but also his thirst for blood. In line with gangster practices, a slow death would have given Tommy more satisfaction, but Arthur still chooses to disregard the wishes of others and do things his own way.

“When You’re Out With A Blinder, You Don’t Have To Queue.”

“Pilot” (S1.E1)

Arthur is accompanied by two women during one of his routine trips to the Birmingham cinema. He skips the line before bragging about it to the ladies.

Arthur tends to be bossy and proud. Since he’s an influential member of the Birmingham underworld, he sees no need to wait in line. And he makes sure to brag about it so that the ladies view him even more favorably. The remark also underscores his hedonistic and carefree nature. Apart from killing and fighting, the Peaky Blinders member feels alive during leisure hours.

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