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PlayStation 2021 Wrap-Up Not Working, Reporting False Stats

Sony unleashed a PlayStation Wrap-Up 2021 page for players to view their stats, though the stats themselves have proven inaccurate for some.

As is now customary, Sony has unleashed PlayStation 2021 Wrap-Up pages for users to peruse; however, some have found the data either won’t load or reports inaccurate information about their stats. PlayStation Wrap-Up started during the PS4 generation, allowing fans to look back at their gaming-related stats from the previous year.

The details featured usually outline data that are otherwise difficult or outright impossible to collect. The total of Trophies earned serves as a biggie for many a Trophy Hunter, for example. The number of total hours played throughout the year counts as another noteworthy data point, as well. Better still, in recent years, the publisher has begun rewarding users who participate in the Wrap-Up with special PSN Avatars for their account, a trend that’s continued this year. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to join in on the fun as of yet, given issues with loading PlayStation 2021 Wrap-Up.


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Today, January 20, PlayStation posted the PlayStation 2021 Wrap-Up for all players to leisurely peruse. As is always the case, users can access the Wrap-Up page by signing in to their official PlayStation account. The stats shown feature personal data and a few global community stats, with the latter covering titles such as Death Stranding Director’s Cut and Returnal. Some players – some of ScreenRant’s own included – have encountered a fair few problems, however. The number of games stat played doesn’t jive with Trophy data, for instance.

Meanwhile, several other users have reported an inability to access their PlayStation 2021 Wrap-Up pages at all.

While end-of-the-year wrap-up stats are always fun to pour over and share online, a couple of errors here and there raise the question of what else may be inaccurate. Hopefully, Sony can resolve these issues and others in the near future but perhaps hiccups should be expected, given the sheer number of players and data the system must sift through.

2022 is looking like a solid year for PlayStation in general, considering the number of PS4 and PS5 exclusives scheduled to release over the course of the next 12 months. Horizon: Forbidden West finally hits stores on February 18, followed by Gran Turismo 7’s March rollout. God of War: Ragnarök is expected to launch this year, too, though Sony and Santa Monica Studio remain mum on the specifics. In terms of console exclusives, players should also mark Sifu‘s February launch and GhostWire: Tokyo’s general 2022 release window on their calendars, as well.

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Source: PlayStation Wrap-Up

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