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PlayStation’s New Gaming Dictionary Helps Newbies Learn the Ropes

PlayStation has released a dictionary that explains various gaming terms, helping players decode terms like JRPG, bullet sponge and git gud.

A helpful gaming dictionary, recently released by PlayStation, teaches players important words like “aggro,” “noob” and “t-pose.” Over the years the gaming industry has developed its own lexicon of terms, abbreviations and concepts that newcomers may find difficult to navigate. Recently the company revealed a PlayStation game preservation team that will maintain classic titles, and now the newly-revealed gaming glossary will help new gamers learn the ropes.

While long-time gamers are likely familiar with most gaming terms, jumping into the medium head-first can easily lead to confusion. Abbreviations are one particularly important aspect of video game lingo, and they can sometimes get tangled based on the situation or context. For example, “RPG” typically stands for role-playing game, but in the context of a multiplayer shooter this term can instead mean rocket-propelled grenade. Fighting games in particular feature a massive number of unique terms that can change between different games or specific contexts. One dedicated gamer even crafted a glossary of fighting game terms to help both new and experienced players sort out these definitions.


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A list of popular gaming-related terms, created and shared by PlayStation, can help gamers navigate the medium’s massive number of specific words and concepts. The huge list sheds light on popular game mechanics like aggro, bullet sponges, crafting, debuffs and more. The dictionary also breaks down common acronyms and abbreviations like ARPG, FPS, HUD and NPC. PlayStation’s handy dictionary even provides specific examples of some terms, which are pulled from the company’s wide range of console-exclusive titles. For example, 2018’s God of War is used an an example of a game that features a New Game+ mode.

PlayStation releases gaming dictionary

Grasping gaming vocabulary can definitely be a challenge, but resources like a TikTok user that explains CoD: Warzone lingo can be helpful and hilarious coaches. Last year’s viral TikTok video saw a user translate the terminology used by her boyfriend while he plays the beloved battle royale shooter Warzone. Terms used by the gamer include “buy me back” and “pick me up,” with his girlfriend translating each phrase into standard terms along the way. The video humorously ends with the gamer letting out an exasperated sigh, which his girlfriend translates as “just don’t ask.”

By releasing a thorough guide to gaming lexicon, PlayStation has made it easy for gamers both new and old to quickly investigate specific words or terms. Acronyms and abbreviations can easily overwhelm a new gamer, and long-time players can certainly forget certain definitions or come across terms that they’ve never heard before. By expanding gamers’ knowledge, PlayStation is also likely to bolster its playerbase by drawing in dedicated new players.

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