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Pokémon Fan Reimagines Quagsire As Cursed Family Guy Quagmire

A Pokémon fan fused together the Pokémon Quagsire with Family Guy character Quagmire, creating a meme that is both cursed yet beautiful.

A hilarious Pokémon meme depicts a fusion of the Pokémon Quagsire with popular animated sitcom – Family Guy – character Quagmire. With their two names sounding extremely similar, this is far from the first comparison of both characters; but actually seeing them both fused together is a funny yet surreal image.

The Wooper and Quagsire line was the first line of Pokémon to have a Water- and Ground-type combination. This type combination is uniquely powerful due to its resistance to four types and a flat-out immunity to Electric-type damage, and having Grass-types acting as its only weak spot. On the downside, it’s also four times weak to grass. Other Pokémon such as the Mudkip line would go on to have the same type combination, but both Pokémon’s Wooper and Quagsire are still loved for how adorable their faces are.


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In this meme however, Quagsire’s understated face has been replaced with the head of the pervert from Family Guy, Quagmire. Twitter user Michael Curling (via acknowledges that he has committed a great crime by making this abomination, but “in the eyes of God, I am amongst him.” The art speaks for itself in how hilarious and jarring it is; seeing Quagmire’s face and head shape on the body of a Quagsire might have been inevitable in some ways, but it doesn’t make it any less bizarre and amusing.

There have been countless other funny Pokémon meme parodies made by fans. One example is a parody of Invincible’s “Think” meme, depicting Pikachu as Omni-Man and Ash Ketchum as Invincible. Another example of a popular meme parody is the infamous ‘This is Fine” meme, which will often have a Pokémon replace the dog sitting in the midst of the fire. No matter the format, there will always be a countless number of meme formats fans will use to make Pokémon meme parodies.

The character Quagmire and the Pokémon Quagsire are intrinsically different. One is a creature that resides in boggy swamps, while the other is a pervert that has giggity” as his catchphrase. Yet as hilarious as this fusion may be, it’s also a thing of beauty in how unnatural it looks. It’s a much different interpretation of the simple looking Pokémon; and the image of a Quagmire-looking Quagsire bopping its head while saying Family Guy catchphrase “alright” is an amusing one. Perhaps not the image that was needed, but one that was certainly deserved.

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Source: Michael Curling/Twitter,

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