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Pokémon Unite’s $10-a-Month Subscription Service Is Now Live

Pokémon Unite’s previously announced Club Membership subscription service is now live, allowing fans of the MOBA to join for $10 per month.

The Pokémon Unite Club Membership service is now available for players to subscribe to for the price of $10 per month. TiMi Studio Group and The Pokémon Company unleashed Pokémon Unite on Nintendo Switch roughly a year ago in July 2021, inviting fans of the beloved franchise to partake in a free-to-play MOBA experience. The title later migrated to Android and iOS mobile devices in September 2021, significantly expanding the online title’s audience in terms of reach. Such efforts worked wonders, too, evidenced by Pokémon Unite’s celebration of 50 million downloads by December.

As with countless other service-driven games in the mobile and console spaces, it didn’t take long for Pokémon Unite to sit on the receiving end of a subscription-centric news blast. Details about the all-new Club Membership began making the rounds this past spring, informing users of the bonuses that would come their way should they buy into the subscription model on a monthly basis. Pokémon Unite players lamented the membership announcement, expressing skepticism about the practice given the game’s already costly microtransactions.


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Yesterday, May 16, The Pokemon Company and TiMi Studio Group rolled out Pokémon Unite Club Membership, a $10-per-month subscription service that will net members access to exclusive in-game discounts, special portrait frames, 40 daily Aeos Gems, and trial Holowear and unite licenses every week. A write-up on the official Pokémon Support page notes that all of the above benefits will cease to function whenever a user cancels their subscription. However, even those who cancel will retain access to previously acquires Holowear, Aeos gems, and the Hoopa set offered as a “first-time benefit.”

The social media response to the Pokémon Unite Club Membership rollout seems mixed. While some think the membership bears too costly a price tag, others argue it’s a good value when taking the rewards into consideration. Ultimately, the millions of Pokémon Unite players will have to decide for themselves whether the monthly service is worth its stated value.

Pokémon Unite Club Membership’s arrival comes a little over two weeks after the game launched its Season 7 Battle Pass. The Battle Pass in question went live last month on April 28, introducing 60 free and premium rewards for players to earn upon the completion of certain missions. Given the free-to-play MOBA’s continued rise in popularity on Switch and mobile devices, it seems safe to assume that such support from TiMi Studio Group will not soon come to an end.

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Pokémon Unite is playable across Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS platforms.

Source: Pokémon Unite/Twitter, Pokémon Support

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