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Real Steel Movie Director Reacts To Disney+ Show Announcement News

Real Steel movie director Shawn Levy reacts to the Disney+ show announcement news by celebrating the fans calling for the franchise to continue.

Real Steel movie director Shawn Levy reacts to the Disney+ show announcement news by celebrating the fans calling for the franchise to continue. Levy helmed the 2011 film based on Richard Matheson’s short story “Steel” in which sports in the near future is dominated by robot boxing and centers on struggling ex-boxer Charlie Kenton as he tries to build a new champion robot. Hugh Jackman led the cast of Real Steel alongside Dakota Goyo, Evangeline Lily, Anthony Mackie, Hope Davis, James Rebhorn and Kevin Durand.

Real Steel hit theaters in 2011 to generally mixed reviews from critics, who celebrated the visual effects, performances, action and characters though criticizing it for its formulaic story. The sci-fi sports drama was also a box office hit, grossing just shy of $300 million against its $110 million production budget, and went on to earn an Oscar nod for Best Visual Effects, losing it to Martin Scorsese’s Hugo. Talks of a Real Steel 2 began floating around last year and now those eager for more robot boxing have something exciting coming their way.


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On the heels of the project being revealed, Shawn Levy took to Twitter to react to the Real Steel Disney+ show announcement. The movie director cited the show’s development as a product of fans’ efforts and calls for a follow-up to the 2011 film and thanked them for their ongoing love. See what Levy said below:

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Despite its mixed critical reception, Real Steel has seen something of a cult following in the decade since it hit theaters, with audiences generally appreciating its sci-fi twist on its sports underdog formula. The announcement of a Real Steel Disney+ show came a little over six months after Levy revealed he has been wanting to make a sequel for some time and that he has always discussed the prospect with Jackman, who also was thrilled for the film’s recent surge in popularity. Levy also has expressed his hopes in reuniting Jackman with Ryan Reynolds for a potential Real Steel 2, an idea audiences have responded favorably to given their pseudo feud from their time in Fox’s X-Men franchise.

Levy’s reaction to the Real Steel Disney+ show announcement is sure to come as a heartwarming message for fans of the original film who have expressed their desire to see a follow-up get off the ground. With Levy attached to help produce the series, it will be interesting to see what comes from the show, including whether it will be a sequel to the original film or reboot the story entirely. In the meantime, audiences can revisit the original Real Steel movie on HBO Max now.

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Source: Shawn Levy/Twitter

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