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Rick & Morty’s Beth Secret Hints Why Rick Chose Dimension C-131

When Rick abandons one reality for another, it is seemingly randomly chosen from available options, but his decision making could depend on Beth.

Rick from the popular comedy/Sci-Fi series Rick and Morty is known for traveling the multiverse at will for any number of reasons. In one episode of the Adult Swim series, Rick and Morty completely abandon their home dimension and decide to live in a dimension known as C-131–and a comic book spin-off story reveals Rick chose that particular reality because of his daughter, Beth.

In Rick and Morty season 1 episode 6 “Rick Potion #9”, Rick invents a potion that makes Morty’s crush, Jessica, find Morty sexually attractive. However, that serum mutates and becomes airborne, making everyone in the world attracted to Morty, except for Morty’s immediate family who are immune to the symptoms. When Rick tries to fix it by half-hazardly mixing up another batch of potion, he inadvertently turns everyone in the world into terrifying, Cronenberg-style monsters–effectively throwing the world into apocalyptic chaos. After it became clear that Rick couldn’t fix this terrifying ‘Cronenberg’ problem, he decided to travel to another dimension with Morty where they were dead, allowing them to take the place of their deceased variants and continue on with their lives in an entirely new dimension as if nothing happened.


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In the Oni Press comic Rick and Morty #23 by Kyle Starks and CJ Cannon, a Jerry variant known as Doofus Jerry who is ironically intelligent and dangerous has taken over the Citadel of Ricks and is on a quest to kidnap the ‘Beth-est’ Beth in the multiverse, meaning the best version of herself out of all of her infinite number of variants. As it turns out, the Beth-est Beth is the main Beth in the Rick and Morty series following the episode “Rick Potion #9”. On the surface, this makes sense since the main Rick in this series is the Rick-est Rick and Morty is the Morty-est Morty, so naturally, everyone else in their family would also be the best versions of themselves. The only problem is this Beth isn’t Rick’s actual daughter since he traveled to this dimension after he ‘Cronenberged’ the world, which indicates that maybe Rick chose C-131 at the end of “Rick Potion #9” because that is where the Beth-est Beth lived and he wanted to live with the best version of his daughter.

Beth is the reason Rick chose C-131 in Rick and Morty.

Rick deciding to create a new life in dimension C-131 tracks since that is where the Beth-est Beth lives–the logic being that since he can’t be with his real daughter anymore he might as well be with the best version of her. However, there is another caveat in that logic as the Earth Rick ‘Cronenberged’ wasn’t his original world either. In the Rick and Morty season 5 finale “Rickmurai Jack”, it is revealed that Rick’s original wife and daughter were killed by another Rick variant. After searching every reality looking for the murderer, killing countless Ricks in the process, Rick decided to take the place of one of the Ricks he murdered and settled down in the reality he later ‘Cronenberged’. So, if Rick cared about having the Beth-est Beth as his new daughter given the fact that his actual real daughter died when she was a child, then he would have sought her out from the start.

It is possible that the Beth of the ‘Cronenberged’ world was the Beth-est Beth when Rick got there, but since her personality and outlook changed, she lost the title, passing it to the next-best Beth in the multiverse. While the specifics are unclear, fans know that Beth of C-131 is the Beth-est Beth while Rick of C-137 is the Rick-est Rick, meaning that its possible Rick traveled to the alternate dimension of C-131 following the events of Rick and Morty: “Rick Potion #9” all because of Beth.

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