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Robot Chicken Season 11 Video Parodies The Flintstones Christmas Special

Robot Chicken parodies The Flintstones Christmas special in their midseason premiere with an appearances from The Great Gazoo and the Devil.

Robot Chicken season 11 releases a sneak peek of their return with a parody of The Flintstones Christmas special. Robot Chicken is a stop-motion parody show that was created by Seth Green and Matthew Senreich in 2005 and is Adult Swim’s longest-running television show. The show parodies almost any aspect of pop culture it can get its hands on and does so through the use of toys as the basis of its stop motion. The Flintstones Christmas special, titled “How The Flintstones Saved Christmas”, aired on Christmas day in 1964 and centered on Fred Flintstone having to fill in for Santa Claus because the jolly old soul had fallen ill.


The clip from Robot Chicken‘s season 11 midseason premiere (via Adult Swim) capitalizes on the contradiction of the Flintstones celebrating a holiday based on Jesus Christ, who wouldn’t have yet been born thousands in the fictional timeline of the show. In the skit, the Great Gazoo appears to Fred and tells him that his society’s celebration of a holiday has created a disruption in the time-space continuum. And then, the devil appears. Check out Robot Chicken season 11 clip, below.

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This poking fun at the timeline of The Flintstones is also actualized through the use of The Great Gazoo as the character wasn’t introduced into the show until a little over ten months after the airing of the Christmas special. Still, it’s clear the Robot Chicken writers have immense appreciation for their subject of parody while also recognizing its ridiculousness. The idea of timeline bending and rifts in the fabric of reality plays on the popular culture of today, such as the MCU’s upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Fans of the show should be excited to see Robot Chicken return to screens on February 20th.

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Source: Adult Swim

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