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Sea Of Thieves Season Four Introduces Challenging Siren Shrines

The next season of Sea of Thieves will introduce new content, such as Siren Shrines – difficult underwater dungeons filled with valuable loot.

A trailer for Sea of Thieves Season Four reveals new content coming to Rare’s pirate adventure game. The nautical title allows players to board their very own pirate ship and explore an open ocean world, either alone or with a group of other swashbucklers via multiplayer. Despite launching back in 2018, Sea of Thieves had its biggest month ever in August 2021 – likely in part due to the game’s crossover event with Pirates of the Caribbean.

Season Three of Sea of Thieves, subtitled A Pirate’s Life, saw the high-seas adventure game cross over with Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The season’s cinematic new content included five new Tall Tales, which are lengthy story-driven quests that players can complete alone or in groups. These quests involve several characters and locations from the beloved Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, including the iconic Captain Jack Sparrow as a non-playable crewmate. Season Three also added new content for the game’s standard free-roam mode, with brand-new enemies appearing there as well. Fans seemed to enjoy Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life, both for its story and gameplay additions.

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A new trailer for Sea of Thieves shows off an abundance of new content arriving with the game’s upcoming fourth season. The main focus of Season Four looks to be Siren Shrines, which are challenging new areas containing exceptional rewards for players to plunder. Diving into these six unique Siren Shrines, players can face unique challenges in the hopes of leaving with some quality loot. Completing new commendation challenges will also earn players additional rewards, such as cosmetic items to adorn their character or ship. 100 new reward levels are also being added with Sea of Thieves Season Four, allowing for even more cosmetic unlocks and weapons. Sea of Thieves Season Four will begin on September 23.

Alongside big seasonal updates like Season Four and A Pirate’s Life, smaller events are also frequently held within Sea of Thieves. Rare’s seafaring experience recently crossed over with the Borderlands franchise, with an event called Making Mayhem, bringing the beloved looter-shooter’s aesthetic onto the high seas. Completing challenges during the event allowed players to unlock the Mayhem Ship Set, which included the Borderlands logo and a figurehead in the shape of the franchise’s loudmouth mascot Claptrap. The Making Mayhem event ended on September 7, but similar events are sure to arrive in the future to support the game’s still-growing player base.

Sea of Thieves has received a lot of new content since its launch in 2018. Seasonal events, new content and even a Pirates of the Caribbean crossover have helped the swashbuckling simulator maintain its popularity. Now, Season Four challenges appear to be quite difficult for even the toughest of captains. With Siren Shrines arriving on September 23, Sea of Thieves players should begin sharpening their swords and counting their coins.

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Sea of Thieves is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: Sea of Thieves/YouTube

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