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Siesta Key Fans Question Lexie Salameh’s Loyalty To Juliette Porter

After a new episode of Siesta Key aired, fans are questioning why Lexie Salameh doesn’t defend Juliette Porter from her boyfriend, Mike Vazquez.

Fans of Siesta Key are wondering if star Lexie Salameh is actually a good friend for Juliette Porter after she failed to defend her from her boyfriend Mike Vazquez in the latest episode. A lot has been going on in the current season of the MTV reality series, especially surrounding Juliette and her ex-boyfriend Sam Logan. Unfortunately, most of the cast seems to be on Sam’s side, but luckily fans of the show have jumped to Juliette’s defense several times. During the last episode, Juliette’s costars called her out for running back to Sam after hooking up with her now boyfriend, Clark Drum, during a trip to Miami.


Her Siesta Key castmates thought she was a hypocrite since just a few weeks before, and she was devastated that Sam had quickly moved on from her to Miami-based model Meghan Bischoff and was sharing videos of her all over his Instagram page. In the latest episode, a breakout fight occurred at a pool party after Juliette was upset seeing Sam and Meghan hanging out together. Mike had little sympathy for his girlfriend’s best friend and accused her of being a hypocrite and of only liking Sam for his money and the lifestyle he provided for her. While Mike attacked Juliette’s character, Lexie sat back silently and listened.

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The Siesta Key fans are not happy about Lexie’s passive attitude, and they’re starting to wonder if she’s such a good friend after all. Reddit user Berry_Hot wrote, “I always said Lexie was sus!!!!” and a lot of fans agreed. Many felt that she should have defended her friend from her boyfriend, especially because it isn’t the first time he’s disrespected her. Mike is close friends with Sam, meaning he always takes his side in arguments but has also gone out of his way to hurt Juliette on several occasions. Fans of the show find it odd that Lexie stands by a man who is constantly berating her friend.

One fan replied to the post, “I always thought she was off but wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt but she’s just as bad as the others. Mike Sucks.” In the episode where Juliette and Sam briefly get back together, Mike was excited to post a video of the two dancing together on his Instagram story. While he knew Juliette wanted to keep the reconciliation private, he chose to publicize it anyway. He also seems to have no respect for the star and has no problem publicly embarrassing her or making her look bad.

It’s definitely strange that Lexie would sit back and allow her boyfriend to treat her friend so terribly. Especially when she knows a lot of the cast members are against Juliette, and she needs as much support as she can get. While some other stars like Chloe Trautman and Amanda Miller have defended Juliette throughout the series, it doesn’t seem like Lexie has the same loyalty to her friend. Lexie surely isn’t winning over any of the Siesta Key fans, so hopefully she can learn to be a better friend to Juliette.

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Siesta Key airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.

Source: Berry_Hot/Reddit

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