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Snapchat+ Exclusive Bitmoji Backgrounds: How To Add Them To Your Profile

Members of Snapchat+ have access to new premium features, including Bitmoji backgrounds. Check out these three premium Bitmoji wallpapers.

Snapchat+ members will be thrilled to find new premium backgrounds to embellish their Bitmoji. Users paying for the service have been eager for new additions to drop, and Snap Inc has delivered. Since its recent release, Snap has been anticipating rolling out new perks for the membership and bringing in new subscribers.

These days, Snapchat, owned by Snap Inc, is more than just an instant messaging company. In addition to brief messages, the platform offers Stories as a way to update friends and followers without sending pictures to them directly. The app also has a Discover and Spotlight section for a more public audience. In the summer of 2022, Snap launched its paid subscription model, Snapchat+, giving the members early access to features and exclusive perks. Snap announced that the premium service currently has over 1 million subscribers.


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If paying for Snachat+, make the most of it by switching to the exclusive background. Start by logging in to the app. Next, tap on the bitmoji at the top left to open the profile options. In the Bitmoji image, on the bottom right will be a circle icon with a picture of mountains. Tap it. Now all the backgrounds are displayed. Alternatively, a menu bar will appear if the Bitmoji image is tapped. Choose the one that says, ‘Pose & Background,’ and the backgrounds will be the first option displayed. For Snapchat+ subscribers, the exclusive options are marked with a ribbon, but a lock will appear for anyone else. Tap on the background desired, and instantly, the Bitmoji wallpaper will change. Select an updated pose if wanted and hit ‘Save.’

Three Eye-Catching Designs Offered

Snapchat+ exclusive backgrounds currently offer three options. The first is a stunning gold backdrop that shows off the Snapchat+ logo. People who want everyone to know they are members will find this an excellent choice. The second is a relaxing beach getaway. The parasol in the design also features the brand’s logo. The last option is a simple yet chic marble backdrop. While the graphic doesn’t showcase the logo, it offers a trendy design that other users will admire.

Snapchat+ comes with more than just Bitmoji backgrounds. Because of a recent update, the membership also features custom app icons, Post View Emojis, and prioritizing members’ story replies to Snap Stars. There is no doubt that Snap knows how to attract those who find subscriptions worthwhile. So, are the Bitmoji backgrounds tempting enough to join the membership? Users can preview the exclusive backgrounds even without a Snapchat+ subscription and decide for themselves whether to subscribe.

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