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Sony’s Bravia Cam Lets You Control A TV With Gestures & Chat With Friends

Sony’s new Bravia Cam is a small attachment for a TV that not only unlocks gesture controls, but also makes it possible to video chat with others.

Sony unveiled its new Bravia Cam during its CES 2022 presentation and it’s a little different to some of its usual products. Although the company’s Bravia name is more typically associated with actual smart TVs, Bravia Cam is an accessory that can be attached to a smart TV to open up additional features. While the Bravia Cam is one of the more interesting announcements Sony made at CES, the company did also unveil a wide variety of Bravia XR TV models that are coming later this year.

Along with the purchase of a new TV, there are now plenty of additional accessories consumers can buy to enrich the experience. In addition to the usual audio accessories, recent arrivals have looked to offer something different. One of the most notable examples of this ‘thinking different’ approach was Facebook’s Portal TV. The small device can be attached to any TV to add video-calling functionality.


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Bravia Cam is another accessory that can be attached to the top of the TV. Once attached, Bravia Cam can be used in a number of ways to improve the viewing experience. For example, it can recognize gesture controls to perform certain actions, and can also automatically optimize the picture and sound based on where the user is sitting in the room. In addition, Bravia Cam can also identify when a user is no longer in view and dim the display. This, according to Sony, is designed to ensure energy is not needlessly used by the device. Sony has yet to confirm when its new Bravia Cam will go on sale or how much it will cost.

Bravia Cam Doubles As A Webcam

Sony Bravia Cam 2

Although Sony is positioning its new Bravia Cam as some form of interactive control and intelligent accessory, the company has made sure not to miss a trick by adding support for other features as well. The most obvious of which is its ability to effectively double as a webcam, making it possible to chat with friends and family. The company also explained that buyers of a Bravia Cam can expect “other fun, new experiences” as well, although it remains to be seen exactly what they will be. It is worth noting that some of the features, announced or otherwise, may not be available at launch, but arrive at a later time via firmware updates.

With this being branded as a Bravia product, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that it is designed to specifically work with Bravia-branded TVs. Even though the company has not said outright, it seems highly likely that a Bravia TV will be a requirement, due to the software integration needed to take advantage of the various features. On that note, Sony did also announce a number of new Bravia XR TVs at CES 2022, many of which are specifically listed as compatible with the company’s new Bravia Cam.

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