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South Park Multiplayer Game: Which Characters Should Be Playable?

With a new, possibly multiplayer South Park game coming over the horizon, there are certain fan-favorite characters that players would love to experience in-game. Due to a job listing that was posted by Question Games, it may be a multiplayer experience, but there isn’t currently much known about the title except for the fact that the job listing is asking for a Lead Level Designer that has shipped at least one multiplayer game, or has an equivalent or relevant experience under their belt. The last South Park game that hit consoles was South Park: The Fractured But Whole, which was an RPG title released in 2017.


The multiplayer game is confirmed to be in 3D, immediately differencing itself from The Stick of Truth and The Fractured But Whole. With all this in mind, it’s interesting to see what direction the series will head in if the new South Park game doesn’t take the RPG route again. The purpose of the previous titles keeping their 2D structure seemed to be having the player feel immersed in the game as if their character was actually in the show.

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The past two games allowed players to not only play as their own created characters but the other kids as well, and it offers up speculation around what characters might be playable next. Since the release of The Fractured But Whole, The show has gone through multiple seasons and specials, introducing several new characters to the already long list of residents of South Park. With each character having their own unique set of skills, weapons, and abilities pertaining to their personality and traits, seeing these characters playable on consoles in the future would be welcome. With South Park having plenty of celebrity guest appearances, there’s no telling what might happen.

South Park’s New Game Could Feature The Unpredictable Randy Marsh

South Park Randy Marsh In Jail

Randy Marsh is definitely considered to be a jack of all trades when it comes down to his actions on the show. From secretly being the famous New Zealand singer Lorde, a hemp farmer, Sarcastaball Coach, and an obscene magician, it’s safe to say Randy is considered to be a raunchy South Park character, and he’s far from an ordinary resident. Among his other shenanigans that end up getting him or those around him in trouble, it’d be nice being able to play as this walking definition of chaotic energy. While he wasn’t a playable character, Wine Drunk Red Wine Randy was a boss players had to fight in The Fractured But Whole. Giving players a chance to play as Randy Marsh would be a dream come true.

Mickey Mouse Would Make The South Park Multiplayer Game Roster Unique

South Park Mickey Mouse

Residents of South Park know not to mess with Mickey Mouse and his flow of money. He has already shown fans what he can do using one of the Jonas brothers as an example, so it’s not like he isn’t capable of handling himself. Mickey has been a recurring character throughout the series and even makes a recent appearance in the South ParkThe Pandemic Special. He would be a unique addition to the roster as he has yet to make an appearance in any of the South Park games. Not only that but at the end of “The Ring” episode, Mickey is shown growing in size, being able to breathe fire, and fly.

Kanye In South Park’s Multiplayer Game Could Feature A Kim Kardashian Hobbit

South Park Kanye West

As unlikely it may be, being able to play as Kanye West in a South Park game would be an absolute riot. While Kanye isn’t considered to be a violent character on the show, there’s something about him being oblivious to the show’s fish sticks joke, along with his “Gay Fish” attire that just makes him so likable. It would also be fun to see the show’s portrayal of Kim Kardashian in her hobbit form from the episode “The Hobbit”, which is considered to be an underrated South Park Episode, acting as an assist character, or being in his move set. Hopefully, it can be considered while the new South Park Game is still in development. However, due to the pair filing for divorce in real life, that possibility may be ruled out.

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ManBearPig Would Be A South Park Multiplayer Monster Among Men

South Park ManBearPig

No explanation is needed on how much of a literal monster ManBearPig is. Being a demon summoned from Hell, ManBearPig has claimed several lives of the residents of South Park, including Kyle Broflovski. Being able to play as the beast himself feels powerful enough on its own, tearing through enemies and feeling badass doing so. If anything he would probably play as a berserker type of character. Al Gore did try to warn everyone how dangerous ManBearPig was, to no avail.

South Park’s Multiplayer Game Should Definitely Feature Al Gore

South Park Al Gore

While he has already made several appearances in South Park like in the global warming episode, Al Gore himself was also a boss fight in The Stick of Truth. Not only did players have to fight him in his base form, but also dressed up as ManBearPig. Al Gore is a smarter character than fans are led to believe. While his methods may be unique he always gets his point across and is very resourceful. Being able to play as him in a South Park multiplayer game would undoubtedly offer players inventive ways to achieve their goals.

Stephen Stotch Can Ground All His Enemies In A South Park Multiplayer Game

South Park Stephen Stotch

Butter’s Dad, Stephen Stotch, is one of the only characters to be the funniest, and also the worst at the same time. Stephen is abusive to his son Butters by often victim-blaming him, punishing him for no good reason, and can be often found giving him nothing but tough love. Even while the kids in The Fractured But Whole’s combat were portrayed as superheroes, Stephen was also a boss fight in the game having the power to ground a player’s party making them unable to fight in battle. It would be interesting to see how Stephen is played out in-game, this time being controlled by a player.

Sheila Broflovski Wouldn’t Be The Mom To Mess With In A South Park Game

Sheila Broflovski Standing

Kyle’s Mom Sheila Broflovski is definitely considered to be the hothead of the show. Sheila was also to be considered to be an antagonist in the South Park movie Bigger, Longer & Uncut, and in The Fractured But Whole. She has the determination, power, and strength to be a formidable foe on the roster and can prove to be a challenge for anybody she goes up against.

Everybody’s Favorite Chef Can Come Back To The Next South Park Game

South Park Chef

While there is some controversy behind the South Park character Chef, he would make a great addition to the player roster, particularly since his trademark witty dialogue could provide plenty of hilarious one-liners for a South Park multiplayer game. Chef came back in The Stick of Truth as a boss fight where he was reanimated as a Nazi zombie. Such a guise would make sense, and plenty of other characters could get the same treatment, as each of them has almost endless costume possibilities due to their actions on the show. Until more is revealed about what type of genre the new South Park multiplayer game is going to be, fans can only hope their favorite characters make the cut on the roster.

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