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Spider-Man Gets A Savage Transformation in New Marvel Series

Spider-Man’s terrifying and monstrous transformation takes center stage in a brand new Marvel Comics series, Savage Spider-Man.

Warning! Spoilers for Savage Spider-Man #1 by Marvel Comics

In a new series from Marvel Comics, Spider-Man is taking on his most monstrous form to date, as he transforms into Savage Spider-Man. A sequel series to Non-Stop Spider-Man, Savage Spider-Man will follow Peter Parker as he deals with becoming a beast. Marvel is teasing the series as an intense affair that puts a new spin on Spider-Man becoming a full-fledged monster.

In Non-Stop Spider-Man by Joe Kelly and Chris Bachalo, Peter Parker starred in some of his most high-octane, action-packed adventures to date. The series ended on a cliff-hanger, as Spider-Man was injected with a deadly drug by Baron Zemo, making it hard for him to control his powers. However, soon after being dosed, Spider-Man developed the urge to kill and transformed into a monster that was part human, and part spider. Savage Spider-Man will continue to focus the monstrous version of the hero in a tale that promises a Spider-Man story like readers has never seen before.

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This week Marvel Comics revealed Joe Kelly and Gerardo Sandoval would team up for a brand new limited series titled Savage Spider-Man. The comic will focus on Peter Parker in the midst of one of his biggest adventures ever as he deals with becoming a savage beast. The synopsis for the series teases that “all rules and regulations are out the door, and Peter Parker will never be the same!” Check out Savage: Spider-Man #1’s cover by Nick Bradshaw showcasing his spider/human hybrid form.

savage spider-man

Editor Nick Lowe praised the series, saying it was so “intense” that readers are going to need to “put it down between pages to get your breath back.” Meanwhile, Sandoval admitted that drawing Spider-Man is already enough of a challenge and joy to draw, but Savage Spider-Man presents an even more significant challenge for him as an artist. He said he’s bringing his “best work” to the series while adding he hopes readers have as much fun with Savage Spider-Man as he does.

Spider-Man is always a huge challenge to draw, he’s not an easy character for an artist. But at the same time Spider-Man is a huge joy to draw and now we have a Savage Spider-Man who provides an even bigger challenge for an artist,” says Sandoval. “I have the pages that I am working on and I can say that I am doing my best work here for sure. Joe Kelly is the kind of writer that understands an artist needs enough room to create great illustrations and it makes my work easier and more fun. I really hope you enjoy this new book as much as I do!

Marvel Comics has done plenty of monstrous versions of Spider-Man in the past and present, but Savage Spider-Man promises to be something different. How vicious will the transformed web-slinger get? It’s always exciting to see Peter Parker deal with a shocking transformation and the new series should be a blast, much like Non-Stop Spider-ManSavage Spider-Man #1 by Marvel Comics is written by Joe Kelly, with art from Gerardo Sandoval. Readers will see the new, transformed version of Spider-Man in action as the five-issue limited series comes to comic book stores next year.

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