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Stranger Things Season 4 Russia Story Is Like Indiana Jones & Star Wars

Brett Gelman explains that the Russia storyline in Stranger Things season 4 has humor often seen in moments from Indiana Jones and Star Wars.

Murray actor Brett Gelman has shared that the Russia story in Stranger Things season 4 is like Indiana Jones and Star Wars. The highly anticipated season 4 of the Netflix series will release in two volumes, the first on May 27 and the second on July 1. With episode runtimes that far exceed their past seasons, Stranger Things audiences will have plenty of content to keep them occupied between the two halves of the season.

Gelman portrays Murray Bauman, a former investigative journalist who was hired by Barbara’s parents to investigate her death and went on to help Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) curate evidence of Hawkins National Laboratory being responsible for Barbara’s death. In Stranger Things season 3, he helped Hopper (David Harbour) and Joyce (Winona Ryder) translate for their Russian scientist captive Alexei. Murray was the comedic relief in Hopper’s and Joyce’s season 3 storyline and became, in a similar manner to what he did for Nancy and Jonathan, their number one supporter for their romantic endeavors.


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Now, Gelman has revealed that a similar dynamic will prevail in Stranger Things season 4. In a group interview in which Screen Rant participated, the cast was asked about any unique approach to the Russia storyline. Gelman answered by comparing the dynamic between his character, Hopper, Joyce, and Nikola Djuricko’s character to that of Luke, Leia, and Han in Star Wars. He also added Indiana Jones into the mix by speaking specifically of Harrison Ford’s ability to maintain humor amid riveting action. Gelman insisted there’s an overall comedic “vibe” of “Oh, my god. I can’t believe that this horrible thing is happening right now.” See all the comparisons he had to make below:

“A lot of it feels very Indiana Jones to me – the same in season 3. I feel there’s this energy that I think of always, that it’s very Indiana Jones – the way that it’s constantly balancing the tension and the adventure with humor, as well as the dynamic of the original Star Wars movies too, of when they’re busting in. That Luke/Leia/Han dynamic really is an energy that is constantly flowing through my scenes with Winona, David [Harbour], and Nikola [Djuricko]. Maybe a little Romancing the Stone, somebody said it’s like; that’s good too. But I’m very much always thinking about Indiana Jones. We forget how funny Harrison Ford is in those movies. He’s this amazing action star, but there’s a lot of humor there that is always wrapped up in the situation, in the way that Spielberg can turn a tense situation and show these humorous moments in that as well. It’s almost just like this vibe of “Oh, my god. I can’t believe that this horrible thing is happening right now.” There’s humor in that. It’s not always a drag.”

Hopper And Murray In Stranger Things Season 3

Clips of the Russia storyline provided thus far in Stranger Things season 4 trailers reveal a lot more action for Murray and Joyce on their rescue mission to save Hopper, which will likely provide for the moments of comedic relief Gelman is speaking of. Ford’s Indiana was arguably at his funniest in the middle of intense fights, and given the dynamic viewers have already seen in Stranger Things season 3 between these characters, it will probably be the same case in season 4. If it’s anything like Murray yelling over Joyce’s and Hopper’s bickering to beg for them to find a better way to get their frustrations out, viewers will find many reasons to laugh even as the group faces a plethora of brand-new monstrosities.

Stranger Things season 4 is shaping up to be their biggest one yet, aside from their longer episode runtimes. The season experienced heavy delays from the COVID-19 pandemic that has only made it even more highly anticipated. Now that it’s been announced Stranger Things season 5 will be the series’ last, excitement is climbing as audiences prepare themselves to watch the beginning of the end for the Hawkins crew. The emotional whiplash of the Stranger Things season 3 finale will finally get its resolution in just over a month when the first half of season 4 premieres on May 27.

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