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Survivor: Ricard Foyé Hopes Competing On Show Isn’t A ‘One Time Thing’

Ricard Foyé, who finished in fifth place on Survivor season 41, says the show remains a passion for him despite the loss. It “wasn’t a blip.”

Ricard Foyé’s journey on Survivor didn’t exactly end how he envisioned, which is why he recently shared his desire to return for an upcoming season. Deemed one of the biggest threats on the island and the most likely to win if he made it to the final three, Ricard finished in fifth place after Xander Hastings decided to play his immunity idol for himself and not save his friend. On the heels of the momentous Survivor season 41, Ricard is looking back on the experience with pride…and looking ahead to future opportunities to outwit, outplay and outlast another group of castaways.

From the first episode, it was clear that Ricard was going to be a force to be reckoned with in the game. When host Jeff Probst double checked whether or not his famous line, Come on in guys,” was problematic, Ricard shared his opinion that it wasn’t inclusive. Jeff instantly dropped “guys.” As the weeks went on, viewers watched Ricard become a social and physical threat. His alliance with Shan Smith was rock-solid (until he voted her out, of course) and he won the coveted immunity necklace in a handful of challenges. Additionally, Ricard was open about personal aspects of his life, including he fact that his husband Andy, a transgender man, was pregnant with their second child and due any day. He was also the first hard of hearing man to compete on the show.


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In a lengthy Instagram post (seen below), Ricard stated that, although his torch was snuffed earlier than he anticipated, Survivor will always be a major part his life. In fact, he’s not opposed to doing it all over again. “This wasn’t a blip and it’s not a one time thing,” he said. “‘Survivor’ is a passion for me and many players before me.” Moving forward, Ricard, who Survivor alum Rob Cesterino pegged to win, intends to maintain a connection with his supportive fan base by answering questions, filming personalized Cameos and attending events, all while remaining a fan himself.

Also in he post, Ricard revealed one of the few complaints he has about his Survivor experience – no live reunion. For the first time since the inaugural season, Jeff read the votes and unveiled the winner right on the island. Typically, the finalists have to wait months for the large-scale live event, during which the “Sole Survivor” is announced and crowned in front family, friends and the entire cast, not just the top three and jury. This was likely impossible due to COVID-19. “I’m sorry we didn’t get our reunion. Our one time where we actually get to share out experience with our families,” said Ricard. “I’ll always be hurt that wasn’t part of the deal…” Ricard went on to thank Andy for holding down the fort at home while he was away.

Though Jeff previously stressed that Survivor won’t have any returning faces for a while in an effort to introduce a fresh crop of players, an “All Stars” season will likely happen at some point with favorites from this new generation. Fans would love to see Ricard play again, along with Xander, Deshawn Radden and yet-to-be-known contestants from the forthcoming season 42. Hopefully by that point, COVID-19 will be behind us and Ricard’s ever-growing family can be present in the audience for the live reunion…or maybe even visit Ricard on the island for the loved ones reward challenge, a longtime staple of Survivor that was sorely missed this time around.

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Source: Ricard Foyé/Instagram

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