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Ted Lasso Season 2: Rebecca’s Sam Decision Explained

Rebecca decides to end her relationship with Sam in t=Ted Lasso season 2, episode 10. Here’s why she makes the decision, and it what it means.

After a brief relationship in Ted Lasso season 2, Rebecca has called things off with Sam. The two characters started flirting anonymously on the Bantr dating app early on in the season, and they’ve been secretly seeing each other in person for a few episodes. But Rebecca decides to end the relationship in Ted Lasso season 2, episode 10, “No Weddings and a Funeral,” setting up some interesting possibilities for the future.

Rebecca and Sam’s relationship in Ted Lasso season 2 was complicated from the start. In addition to their significant age difference, Rebecca is Sam’s employer, creating all kinds of professional and ethical quandaries. If they had gone public with their relationship, as Sam pushes for in “No Weddings and a Funeral,” the media blitz would have been bad for the whole team. Nonetheless, Sam and Rebecca seemed genuinely good for each other, sparking speculation from viewers as to where their relationship would go.

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As it turns out, it’s not going anywhere. At least, not right now. During her father’s funeral, Rebecca decides she has to end things with Sam. She tells him that being together scares her because he is “wonderful,” and she knows that because of that, she could fall for him and she feels uncomfortable knowing that she could be hurt. Ted Lasso season 2 is all about personal growth, and it’s clear that Rebecca still has some things she has to sort through on her own before she can be fully present in a committed relationship. Being married to the cruel and manipulative Rupert damaged Rebecca in a lot of ways, and the vulnerability she feels when with Sam rattles her. So she breaks up with him because she doesn’t feel ready to enter into something serious, which is the mature decision to make.

Will Sam and Rebecca get back together later in Ted Lasso? That remains to be seen. As long as he plays for AFC Richmond, their relationship will be fraught with ethical questions. That public pressure is likely part of why Rebecca’s anxieties bubble to the surface in the first place. With her constantly being in the tabloid press, as well, it’s also possible she’s worried about how her dating a much younger man will play out in media that is never kind to women. However, if Sam’s story were to take him away from Ted and AFC Richmond and Rebecca were to grow more comfortable with the things written about her, the two could potentially find a healthy new dynamic after Rebecca does some soul searching. After all, they clearly have fantastic chemistry.

Another popular theory is that Ted and Rebecca could get together before Ted Lasso is over. The two have developed an incredibly deep and mutually supportive relationship since the star of season 1, and they both care for each other a lot. That doesn’t mean that they’d be good as a romantic couple, however, and while the show has teased a romantic connection between them, there’s been nothing concrete so far. For now, Rebecca needs time to keep focusing on herself and becoming the woman she wants to be. As Ted Lasso season 2 reaches its final episodes, there could be some big surprises in store.

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