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Teen Wolf: 9 Most Frightening Scenes, Ranked

Although there was plenty of light-hearted and comedic elements in Teen Wolfthere was a major shift in tone as the show went on. Not only did it become darker and more violent, but the writers began to include storylines that were the stuff of nightmares.

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If some of the viewers’ fears didn’t appear in any of the episodes, then they certainly got new ones as fans saw Scott McCall’s (Tyler Posey) pack got possessed by demons, had some horrifying hallucinations and dreams, or were tortured regularly. While some horror fanatics preferred the mature tone the show adopted, that still didn’t mean there weren’t a few scenes that didn’t frighten them to this day.

9 Isaac Trapped In A Plot Of A Grave (Season 2, Episode 1)

An image of Isaac and his father talking to Sheriff Stilinski in Teen Wolf

In his first scene in the show, Isaac (Daniel Sharman) was seen to be working the night shift in the graveyard, using a backhoe truck to dig a plot (“Omega”). However, things took an eerie turn when he soon finds himself getting tipped into the grave, with the vehicle blocking his way out.

For many viewers, this was quite an intense scene as the writers made sure that the stakes were high. Not only was Isaac trapped in this small, confined space, but his life was also on the line as the wild and ferocious creature that attacked him was also on the loose. The thought that he could be killed at any moment certainly had the fans’ hearts in their mouths.

8 Gerard Unexpectedly Stabs Scott (Season 2, Episode 4)

An image of Gerard and Chris Argent standing together in Teen Wolf

Considering that it had taken the Argents nearly the whole of season 1 to work out that Scott was one of the Alpha’s Betas, it came as a great surprise to all that Chris’ (JR Bourne) father, Gerard (Michael Hogan), managed to work it out in moments. However, it was in the manner in which way the viewers discovered this frightened them the most.

Gerard proved that he was certainly one of the most dangerous hunters on Teen Wolf when he just walked up to Scott and stabbed him in public, not caring who could see (“Abomination”). It made a lot of fans jumped in fright since it was so unpredictable and unexpected. Fans couldn’t even listen to whatever creepy words he whispered in Scott’s ear since they were trying to calm their nerves.

7 Theo Dragged Into A Hole By His Sister (Season 5 finale)

An image of Theo getting dragged into a hole in Teen Wolf

In the season 5 finale, “Apotheosis,” Theo Raeken had one of the most terrifying exits on the show as fans will never forget the fear that was etched in his face. Possibly inspired by Gore Verbinski’s The Ringthe viewers watched on in horror as Theo was dragged into the depths of hell by his dead sister, Tara (Micaela Wittman).

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While many fans may say this was deserved because of all the monstrous and horrific things he did, it still terrified fans to see Tara slowly emerge from a hole and pull him in with her. What made this scene even worse was the fact that no one wanted to help him despite Theo’s pleads and his struggle to escape. It was quite a terrible way to go out.

6 The Wolf On The Lacrosse Field (Season 6, Episode 11)

A close up image of the wolf growling on the lacrosse field in Teen Wolf

While most of the threats in Beacon Hills involved the supernatural, that didn’t mean Scott’s pack didn’t have to look out for the wildlife too. In the season 6 episode “Said The Spider To The Fly,” this proved to be the case when the students of Beacon Hills High were surprised to find a feral wolf had wandered onto the lacrosse field.

While they were lucky to have Scott on the field since he scared it off with his powers, many had wondered how petrifying this would have been in real life. To be so relaxed playing a game with friends only to then discover that there is a growling, blood-soaked animal just a couple of feet away would certainly get the blood pumping.     

5 The Anuk-Ite Torments Scott’s Pack (Season 6)

An image of Jackson looking scared at the Anuk-Ite in Teen Wolf

Out of all the supernatural creatures to appear to Teen Wolf, the Anuk-Ite was one of the scariest. Introduced in the last part of season 6, the viewers got to discover why Gerard saw the creature as an asset since it tormented Scott’s pack for a long time, trying to kill them all.

However, what made them most terrifying was the fact that they had the power to imitate someone’s loved one and manipulate their trust. Since Scott’s pack tried to eliminate it with their eyes closed, fans were completely horrified to watch almost all of them be killed off. No one can forget the fear that was embedded in Jackson’s face when he realized that he had messed up and could die.

4 Allison Attacked In The School Bus (Season 1, Episode 3)

An image of Scott and Allison standing outside a school bus in Teen Wolf

When the season 1 episode “Pack Mentality” started, fans believed that they were going to watch Scott share a sweet, romantic scene with his girlfriend, Allison Argent (Crystal Reed). However, it quickly turned into a horror movie when Scott began to transform into a werewolf and attacked Allison.

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Although fans hadn’t know Allison quite long, they still felt fearful for the young hunter’s life as she was fast becoming one of Teen Wolf’s more likable characters. It was quite horrific to see her banging on the doors of the school bus, trying to escape the confined space, but unable to as Scott’s wolf tried to drag her to her death. Luckily, it turned out to be a dream, but this didn’t exactly ease the fans’ nerves.

3 Theo & The Burrowing Spider (Season 6, Episode 12)

An image of Theo holding a scalpel in Teen Wolf

Although fans thought they had seen the last of Theo in season 5 after they had fought the Beast of Gévaudan, he soon made his return in the second half of season 6. However, his reintroduction was something that ended up plaguing the viewers’ nightmares for weeks.

As Theo was sleeping in his car, he noticed a spider crawling on his hand (“Raw Talent”). Yet, after observing it for a while, the spider decided to burrow itself into his hand and somehow managed to break through the skin. It was such a squeamish and horrific moment, especially for those who may have a fear of spiders since the viewers could see the creature moving across his body, trying to kill him.

2 Allison’s Dream About Kate (Season 3, Episode 14)

An image of Allison looking scared in Teen Wolf

After Scott, Allison, and Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien) sacrificed themselves to save their parents, there ended up being major repercussions when they were brought back to life.

However, it was Allison who seemed to get the worst of it. For weeks, her days were plagued with visions of her dead aunt, Kate (Jill Wagner), who either ate her alive (“More Bad Than Good”) or was seen crawling out of a morgue drawer (“Anchors”). It was mainly the first one that proved to be quite terrifying for audiences since it was one of the most graphic and violent scenes that had appeared on the show. It looked as if Allison could feel every bit of pain.

1 Stiles’ Ominous Phone Call To Scott (Season 3, Episode 18)

An image of Scott and Stiles standing together in Teen Wolf

While there were times where the writers liked to use action scenes to invoke terror in the audiences, sometimes, the dialogue proved to be just as effective. This certainly proved to be the case in “Riddled” when Stiles calls Scott late at night, panicking that he didn’t know where he was and he couldn’t remember how he got there.

However, what made this scene more chilling was Stiles’ final words. After Scott questioned why he was whispering, Stiles responded that he believed something was in there with him. At that revelation, the viewers’ blood ran cold. Stiles had helped Scott defeat many enemies in Teen Wolf, but this was the first time the fans had ever heard him sound frightened. Whatever had him trapped was something that shouldn’t be trifled with.

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