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The 10 Best Quotes From Meet The Robinsons

Meet the Robinsons presented a fun story filled with heartfelt moments, life lessons, and unforgettable quotes. The film even included a quote from Walt Disney’s, “keep moving forward,” incorporating it as the Robinson family motto, and making it one of the inspirational messages in the film.

One of the biggest lessons Lewis had to learn was letting go of his past so he could build the future that he wanted; of course, it also meant defeating the hilarious villain he’d unintentionally made out of his roommate, Goob, but it also led to Goob’s redemption. There are plenty of hilarious moments as well, from why the family dog doesn’t wear contacts to the doorbell ringing competition that takes place between the twins. In any case, there are plenty of quotes for audiences to enjoy and reminisce over.



As Lewis and audiences find out, there’s a lot going on in the future. Several changes have taken place, such as travel tubes, time machines, and robots being in existence. When Lewis meets Bud, he’s taken for a wild ride through the Robinson household and meets everyone, including the family dog.

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When it comes down to it, the dog wearing glasses seems relatively normal compared to the meatball fights and doorbell ringing challenges that go on around the house. Also, a future where there are glasses for dogs and insurance companies that will pay for them is pretty cool and definitely handy for any dog with vision problems.

“If This Thing Ever Blows Over, I Really Gotta Get Away From You And Get Some Quiet Time.”


One of the best animated duos, Carl and Wilbur are clearly good friends, and Carl cares about him. Carl is also Wilbur’s guardian angel in the sense that he watches out for Wilbur and knows what’s going on with him at all times, as Carl was the first to be aware of Wilbur’s plight, long before Wilbur’s family knew what was going on.

Carl is also the voice of reason and is always ready to lend a hand as he tries to help Wilbur solve his problems, even when he doesn’t necessarily agree with Wilbur’s tactics. He keeps him in check; it’s fair that Carl would need a break every once in a while, especially if Wilbur is prone to getting himself into trouble. However, after the events of the film, it’s probably safe to say that Wilbur laid low for a bit and Carl got his break.

“Eh, That Was Accidental. It’s An Accidental Ring, It Doesn’t Count. It’s In The Rulebook. Look It Up.”


Dimitri and Spike are memorable movie twins and can be found competing over whose doorbell is rung first, as well as the most, by incoming guests. Lewis stumbles upon them when they appear out of nowhere out of giant pots and urge him to ring their doorbells.

This is definitely a game that has gone on for a while, and is serious enough to create a rulebook and protocol for. The twins are a part of the overall entertainment aspect of the Robinson family, as each family member comes with their own fun, quirky personality. The twins are no exception to this, and audiences have to give them credit for keeping at the same game without getting too bored.

“I’ve Got The Caffeine Patch! It’s My Invention. You Can Stay Awake For Days With No Side Effects.”


Lucille’s introduction is certainly a memorable one. She’s a gifted scientist and could certainly get along with Doc Brown of Back to the Future; in fact, they’d probably have an interesting conversation about Lucille’s caffeine patch invention. Perhaps he could’ve even helped her work out the kinks so there really wouldn’t be any side effects.

In any case, audiences love Lucille’s fun and spunky character, and it was a perfect ending that she and her husband Bud ended up adopting Lewis and supporting his scientific endeavors.

“I Have A Date With Destiny.”


The Bowler Hat Guy, aka Goob, strides into InventCo. with all the confidence in the world, initially unaware that the secretary is talking to someone else as he proclaims the above quote. Goob is feeling pretty successful, having checked off everything on his list, and his plans having, well, gone to plan so far.

His date with destiny, however, ultimately ended up very differently, as audiences know. While his initial attempt to change his past was done the wrong way, he ultimately got a do-over and a chance to have a better life (with help from Lewis, of course).

“I Have A Big Head And Little Arms. I’m Just Not Sure How Well This Plan Was Thought Through.”

The T-Rex

Even though Lewis is being chased by a massive T-Rex that is being controlled by Goob, the Disney film still finds a way to turn a scary moment into a hilarious one with the above quote. As seen above, the T-Rex was definitely not suited to capture Lewis, especially since Lewis found the best place just out of his pursuer’s reach.

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Later in the film, Goob runs into the same problem again in which his plans are questioned by Frankie, one of Franny’s singing frogs. It’s true that Goob isn’t exactly The A-Team‘s Hannibal Smith in the planning department, but he certainly gets props for his attempts and his hilarious backfires.

“I Am Always Right. Even When I’m Wrong, I’m Right.”


Surprisingly, Lewis does have a few tips about relationships during his adventure. Not only does Lewis get to see the amazing life and family he’s got in the future, but he also gets a few helpful tips along the way (like realizing he never needed to invent Doris and knowing that even when his future wife is wrong, she’s actually right).

It’s pretty funny that even his older self confirms she’s right. Obviously, there’s been a few misunderstandings about her being right over the years, and Lewis will spare himself some heartaches, and headaches, knowing that in advance.

“You Just Focused On The Bad Stuff When All You Had To Do Was Let Go Of The Past And Keep Moving Forward. “


When Lewis learns who The Bowler Hat Guy really is and why how he was set out to destroy Lewis’s life, Lewis has an important epiphany. The epiphany concerns both Lewis and Goob, and the lesson that they had to learn in letting go of their pasts and moving forward with their lives.

It’s the moment where Lewis realizes why that is his future self’s motto, and why it’s so important not to be tied to the past. The above quote is an eternally important life lesson, and inspirational for anyone dealing with the same struggle.

“I Never Thought My Dad Would Be My Best Friend.”


While the film’s plot centered on Lewis and the life lesson he needed to learn in regards to not letting his failures hold him back, there is another important plot underlying it. That being the one regarding father and son. Wilbur made a mistake and tried to fix it before he ended up caught and in major trouble, but it also gave him the opportunity to get to know his dad through his dad’s past self (and the two end up as best friends by the film’s end, with Wilbur promising to make more appearances if Lewis needed him).

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Audiences don’t know what Wilbur’s relationship with his dad was like prior to the film’s events, but if his friendship with the young Lewis is anything to go by, it probably contributed to an even better relationship between Wilbur and his adult father.

“Keep Moving Forward.”


The above quote is actually taken out of a speech of Walt Disney’s, as seen in the film’s ending. It’s inspirational, and it’s the driving force in the Robinson family. It’s a motto that they never hesitate to say, happily accepting failure and subsequently exclaiming “keep moving forward!”

Lewis doesn’t exactly get on board with the family motto initially, even finding it annoying at one point, but, by the end of the film, he understands why his future self chose that particular motto. Not everything in life turns out perfect, but putting in the effort and moving forward makes all the difference.

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