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The 10 Biggest Dragons in Game of Thrones, According To Reddit

Along with new characters, new houses, and (hopefully) a few new locations,  House of The Dragon promises to breathe new life into Westeros. But its biggest departure from Game of Thrones will be the amount and size of the dragons.

While Daenerys Targaryen had three dragons in the original series, House of The Dragon takes place during the height of the Targaryens’ power in Westeros. It was a time when there were dozens of Targaryen dragon riders, and these dragons grew to a monstrous size. Last year this Reddit post not only detailed the size of the Targaryen dragons but also showed their beautiful coloring.


10 Meleys

Game of Thrones Targaryen Sigil

Also known as “The Red Queen”, Meleys was one of the first dragons to die in a pitched battle in the Targaryen civil war known as The Dance of Dragons.

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What Meleys lacked in size, she made up for in speed and was known as one of the fastest dragons in Westeros. But being on the smaller side compared to other dragons is what led to her downfall in a battle that ultimately did nothing to change the outcome of the civil war. Redditor LuminariesAdmin points out “As I got to previously, I think Caraxes was older & larger than Meleys, but not by much.”

9 Caraxes

Illustration from the Dance of the Dragons featurette.With a nickname like “The Blood Wyrm” it is clear that while Caraxes may not be one of the bigger dragons, he was regarded as one of the fiercest of his day, and was beloved by the two Targaryens who bonded with him.

8 Dreamfyre

Dreamfyre never fought in great battles, but was considered as beautiful as any of the Targaryen dragons, and was a source of pride to her two riders.

Dreamfyre did not fight in the Dance, but she looms large in the story of that war. Many characters are drawn to her silvery-blue coloring and believed that in time Dreamfyre could become a powerful weapon. Redditor MulatoMaranhense also appreciates her beauty saying, “Tessarion has the best color scheme, and after him come[s] Dreamfyre, Silverwing, Grey Ghost, and Cannibal.”

7 Silverwing

Silverwing by Green Ronin Publishing

While Silverwing fought in several battles, she is one of the very few dragons who survived the Dance and was sought after by several dragon-less Targaryens.

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6 Sheepstealer

One of the mysterious, riderless, wild dragons, Sheepstealer famously avoided humans, but unsurprisingly, loved mutton. He was also one of the few dragons to be ridden by a non-Targaryen.

Time allowed this dragon to grow in size and play a small role in the Dance when the girl Nettles tamed the beast with gifts of fresh sheep. Like many of the dragons, his story has several tragic elements as MacAlkalineTriad says, “Sheepstealer is my favorite. Dude just wants to eat his mutton and be left alone and I wish he’d been able to do that.”

5 Vermithor

Illustration from the Dance of the Dragons featurette.

Among some of the biggest dragons in the history of Westeros, the bronze dragon Vermithor was ridden by great kings like Jaehaerys, considered one of the best Targaryen characters, and common folk alike. and was instrumental in the Dance.

Vermithor not only had a great dragon name but is a fan favorite. Along with being associated with beloved kings, he was a force in battle, ending battles and even war swiftly due to his combination of speed and power. Redditor TheHolyGoatman puts it best when he says, “My favorites are Vermithor and the Cannibal. Proper lads those two”

4 The Cannibal

The dragon Cannibal lying down.
Illustration by Douglas Wheatley from the book Fire & Blood.

The Cannibal earned his name for his habit of eating the remains of other dragons, and even some of the hatchlings. He was one of the few dragons that were never ridden.

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Easily the most mysterious of all the dragons, little is known of the Cannibal, save his savage behavior towards other dragons and humans who bother him. He was able to grow to a truly terrifying size, and if he ever died and stopped growing is still up for debate. In a since-deleted comment, a Redditor added, “Man. The Cannibal really would have been a king-maker if someone managed to ride him during the Dance.”

3 Meraxes

The first of the three dragons that were ridden by Aegon The Conqueror and his three sisters, Meraxes died over 100 years before the events of The House of The Dragon.

When the first Targaryen’s and their allies the Velaryons (a family not in the Game of Thrones series) first invaded Westeros Aegon’s sister/wife Rhaenys rode the silver dragon into battle, during one she and the dragon were killed. leelancer1 points out that Meraxes could have been known as an even larger dragon, “Meraxes was actually bigger tha[n] Vhagar but died much younger so Vhagar eventually grew bigger.”

2 Vhagar

Illustration from the Dance of Dragons featurette.

First ridden by Aegon The Conqueror’s other sister/wife, Vhagar fought in more battles than any other Targaryen dragon and was the largest dragon when the Dance began.

By the time of her last battle, Vhagar was considered all but a god on the battlefield, her death in The Battle Above God’s Eye marked the beginning of the end of The Dance of the Dragons.  Her name even sounds powerful, as it should, as Redditor abellapa points out, “Balerion and Vhagar are also named after gods.”

1 Balerion

Known as “The Black Dread” Balerion was the biggest of the Targaryen dragons, and is one of the largest dragons in all of Game of Thrones, if not fantasy in general.

The only Targaryen dragon that was born in the Freehold of Valyria, Balerion, in his prime, was an unstoppable force on the battlefield. Aegon the Conqueror rode The Black Dread into battle during his war to unite Westeros under his rule, and his mere presence caused great armies and kings to bend their knee. Redditor rattatally hits the nail on the head when it comes to this massive dragon, “Balerion, what an absolute unit!”

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