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The Big Bang Theory: 10 Possible Spin-Offs Fans Would Have Loved

For 12 seasons, The Big Bang Theory continued to make audiences laugh out loud thanks to its colorful cast of main characters. Sheldon Cooper in particular was a very funny presence in the show, so much so that they gave him his own spin-off.

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Young Sheldon has become very popular in its own right, with Seasons 6 and 7 already green-lit before Season 5 finished airing. Fortunately, there are so many possibilities for other spin-off shows that the network need never run out of The Big Bang Theory content.

10 Leonard And Penny Hofstadter

Penny at dinner with Leonard on TBBT

Leonard and Penny were the central couple of The Big Bang Theory for the first five seasons, and their will they/won’t they relationship provided a lot of laughs and a lot of heartwarming moments.

At the end of the series, the final episodes revealed that Penny and Leonard were expecting to have a baby. This was great news for the couple and it would be amazing to see a spin off focused on the Hofstadter family. Seeing Penny especially adjust to being a mother would be adorable and hilarious.

9 Sheldon Cooper And Amy Farrah Fowler

Sheldon returning a few of Amy's things at her door on TBBT

Viewers have gotten a glimpse at Amy and Sheldon’s life after The Big Bang Theory thanks to its sister show, Young Sheldon. It has since been revealed that the couple went on to have children, and that one of them was named after Leonard.

Mayim Bialik even returned as Amy to narrate an episode of Young Sheldon. However, it would be wonderful to get a more detailed account of their lives and how Amy and Sheldon really matured, which is where a spin off show about these two scientists starting a family would be extremely useful.


8 Howard Wolowitz And Bernadette Rostenkowski

Raj eats with Bernadette and Howard on TBBT

At the beginning of the show, Howard Wolowitz was probably the least funny main cast member. He was quite misogynistic and came out with some absolutely disgusting lines about wanting Penny. Thankfully, she always knew how to turn him down in the best possible way.

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When Howard met Bernadette however, he became a completely different person. He was kind and caring and sensitive. Viewers saw a lot of their family life during the sitcom but there were some missed opportunities, such as the return of Howard’s dad, that a spin-off could explore.

7 Rajesh Koothrappali And Howard Wolowitz

Raj, Howard, and Leonard on the couch in The Big Bang Theory

Since Season 1, Howard and Rajesh have been best friends. Despite Howard often teasing Raj, they were incredibly supportive of one another and were always there for each other whenever they felt down and out (in Howard’s case, this happened frequently).

They both became closer as the series progressed, with Raj becoming more involved with Howard’s family. A spin-off watching their friendship further flourish, or even detailing the early stages of their relationship and how they first met would be absolutely amazing.

6 The Children Of The Main Characters

Bernadette at the hospital with Howard, Raj, and Stuart on TBBT

By the end of The Big Bang Theory, most of the main characters had ended up married, with Sheldon and Amy tying the knot at the end of Season 11 in one of The Big Bang Theory‘s best episodes. By the series finale, Howard and Bernadette had 2 children, and Leonard and Penny were pregnant with their first.

Sheldon later confirmed in his own spin-off that he and Amy had kids after the finale as well. This introduces a brilliant concept for a spin-off show, focusing on the children of the main cast. It could be set in the near future, where they’re all teenagers, or even in the distant future, where they’re young adults.

5 Bernadette Rostenkowski

Raj and Howard hugging Bernadette on TBBT

Bernadette was first introduced in Season 3 as a potential love interest for Howard. Initially, the date got off to an awkward start as neither character could find any common ground with the other but that soon changed.

Bernadette was a fantastic addition to the show and she was much more than Howard’s girlfriend. She formed a lovely bond with Penny and Amy and showed off how amazing and savage Bernadette really was! A spin-off about her before meeting the gang while studying would be so interesting to see!

4 Beverly Hofstadter

beverly hofstadter in the big bang theory

Leonard’s mom, Beverly, is absolutely iconic. She first appeared in Season 2 and every time she crops up in an episode, she absolutely steals the show. Her complete and utter lack of emotion or affection for her son is both heartbreaking and hilarious.

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An amazing spin-off could focus on Beverly’s past. Much like what Young Sheldon has done for adult Sheldon, Beverly’s spin-off would focus on what made her so emotionally unavailable and hopefully turn her into a much more sympathetic character.

3 Penny, Bernadette Rostenkowski And Amy Farrah Fowler

Amy and Bernadette huddling in Penny's bedroom on TBBT

For the first couple of seasons, the only female lead in the show was Penny. Penny was an amazing character but when Bernadette and Amy arrived on the scene, they just completed her. Now Penny had her own group of friends, instead of simply relying on the guys constantly.

Penny, Bernadette, and Amy shared some of the funniest scenes in The Big Bang Theory and their natural bond and friendship were amazing to witness. A sitcom following their friendship would be hilarious, watching all their different personalities come together.

2 Beverly Hofstadter And Mary Cooper

Leonard, Sheldon, Beverly and Mary sitting in the living room in The Big Bang Theory

It’s hard to believe that these two moms only first met in Season 8, but what an encounter it was! Given that Beverly believes heavily in science and reason, and Mary, Sheldon’s mom, is a devout Christian, viewers knew their first meeting wouldn’t be plain sailing.

However, the tension between the two women was just utterly hilarious. Watching Sheldon and Leonard cringe through it as well was just icing on the cake. A spin off focusing on Beverly and Mary slowly overcoming their differences and becoming friends would be wonderful!

1 Caltech

Caltech was the university where Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, Raj, and Amy all used to work. In The Big Bang Theory, it was just a setting which helped advanced the plot, most notably in Season 12 when Sheldon and Amy won a Nobel Peace Prize for their research.

However, the other characters who worked at Caltech were also amazing. Barry was always hilarious, and famous guest star Regina King’s deadpan delivery as Janine Davis was utterly brilliant. There are so many opportunities for this spin-off, there’s no reason not to commission it right this second!

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