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The Boys: Every New Super Confirmed For Season 3 (So Far)

Multiple new Supers are coming to The Boys season 3, and here’s every new enhanced character confirmed to appear. Amazon Prime Video’s hit superhero satire show is based on the comic from Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. Through two seasons of adventures with Hughie Campbell (Jack Quaid), Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), and their friends, The Boys has explored their fight against the world’s biggest superhero team and enterprise run by Vought International.

The core group of Supes featured in The Boys is known as The Seven, which is the show’s equivalent to the Avengers or Justice League. Led by Homelander (Antony Starr), the team roster looks very different heading into season 3. Starlight (Erin Moriarty) takes on a more prominent role with the team, while Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott) is also still around after helping blackmail Homelander. A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) is coming back after a brief forced retirement too. As for the rest of the team, Black Noir was last seen in a coma, The Deep was rejected from reinstatement, and Stormfront died after her Nazi past was revealed.


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Those Supers have received the bulk of The Boys‘ attention in previous seasons, but the show has also frequently built out the world of superheroes and villains. This has come by exploring the history of Supes and seeing, or mentioning, other heroes who are or were active. Unsurprisingly, The Boys season 3 introduces plenty of new Supers to this world. Many of them are characters pulled directly from the comics, while others are reinventions of characters from the source material, or new characters altogether. Here’s a rundown of every new Super confirmed for The Boys season 3.

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Soldier Boy

Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy in The Boys

The most publicized new Super in The Boys season 3 is Soldier Boy, played by Jensen Ackles of Supernatural fame. Soldier Boy was originally a hero during World War II, but the mantle was revived decades later by Vought to bring a symbol of American patriotism back. The character is the leader of Payback, another superteam in this universe. While he is a patriotic “boy scout” character in the vein of Captain America, Soldier Boy lacks the courage and fortitude, as him wetting his pants in battle is one of his more notable moments.

Soldier Boy’s powers are relatively standard for Supers, as he has superhuman strength, speed, agility, etc. He is also skilled in combat as a fighter and uses an eagle-marked shield for protection. The Boys is likely to change Soldier Boy’s backstory and personality, but he will be one of the main characters featured in season 3. This will include flashbacks to his days leading Payback and helping start Vought’s superhero empire. The Boys season 2 mentioned Soldier Boy as the original Super created with Compound-V, so the show has already teased his introduction.

Crimson Countess

Another new Super coming to The Boys in season 3 is Crimson Countess, who Laurie Holden will play. She is a member of Payback in the comics and worked with Soldier Boy as a result. The original Crimson Countess died during her first mission, but the mantle was brought back years later by Vought. She has heat-related powers that have drawn comparisons to Scarlet Witch at times. Crimson Countess was a minor character in the comics, though, and suffered a gruesome death at the hands of Billy Butcher.

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The role that Crimson Countess plays in The Boys season 3 is still unclear. She will be part of the Payback team, presumably in the present day based on the available show footage. Season 1 saw Starlight mention that Countess was who she thought would get the open roster spot on The Seven. There have also been other Easter eggs to her being in the Vought Cinematic Universe. If her role leads her to face off with The Boys, the comics don’t paint a good picture of her longevity with the show.

Supersonic/Drummer Boy

The Boys season 3 is reinventing a character from the comics known as Drummer Boy by introducing him as Supersonic. Miles Gaston Villanueva will play Dummer Boy, who has been rebranded as Supersonic after extensive rehab through Vought’s wellness centers. Drummer Boy was the co-leader of the Young Americans with Starlight in the comics, and the two were involved in a romantic – but not sexual – relationship. After Starlight caught him cheating on her with fellow Young American member Holy Mary, they broke up. The Boys season 3 has already confirmed that Starlight and Supersonic were in a relationship in the past, and there is a strong chance that he’ll try to rekindle that romance. Since Drummer Boy didn’t have any powers in the comics, the show could give him new abilities thanks to Vought, such as superspeed.


Sean Patrick Flanery Born a Champion Featured Image

Gunpowder is also coming to The Boys season 3. The character did have a small cameo in season 1, but Gunpowder has been recast for his proper introduction, with Sean Patrick Flanery playing him now. Gunpowder is a member of the NRA-sponsored superteam known as Teenage Kix. His powers are directly connected to projectiles and guns, so The Boys previously used him as an advocate for the Second Amendment. Gunpowder’s role in The Boys season 3 has yet to be revealed, but he could be a former member of Teenage Kix or Soldier Boy’s Payback team.

Blue Hawk

Wolverine Parody The Boys

Blue Hawk is a new character created for The Boys season 3 by all accounts, although he could be a rebranded hero from the comics just like Supersonic. Nick Wechsler is playing Blue Hawk regardless of his possible comic connection. Still, Blue Hawk could be The Boys‘ twist on Ground Hawk, a Wolverine parody character who has hammers for hands and a blue helmet in the comics. If that is the case, Blue Hawk’s introduction could lead to the appearance of the G-Men, which might then help set up The Boys‘ college spinoff series.

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The Boys season 3 is also set to introduce another new Super character in the form of Moonshadow. She is based out of San Diego, and appears to be an original character for the series. Moonshadow’s powers have yet to be revealed, but she was introduced in the September edition of Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman. Moonshadow is described as a body-positive bombshell, who is gaining in popularity as crime rates in San Diego go down. It is possible Moonshadow will be in consideration by Vought to join The Seven after losing Stormfront and bring more diversity to The Boys‘ most famous superhero team.

Billy Butcher

The Boys season 3 poster Billy Butcher

Billy Butcher surprisingly makes the list as one of the new Supes appearing in The Boys season 3. In the latest footage, Butcher is seen taking a variant of Compound V from Queen Maeve. She gifts him the drug to fight (presumably) against Homelander as the Boys try to find a mysterious superweapon that’s capable of demolishing Supes for good. Billy takes the Compound V and is shown using his laser eyes to wreak havoc and destruction — as Billy Butcher is known to do. Though Billy isn’t technically a Super, he has been given Supe abilities in The Boys season 3, even if it’s just for limited bursts of time. While this might seem new to some, Billy Butcher has superpowers in the comics.

In the comic books, Billy has taken Compound V, and, therefore, is a Super in his own sort of way. He has an array of powers and abilities that rival Homelander’s. Some of these include superhuman strength, durability, expertise in hand-to-hand combat, marksmanship, and heightened intelligence. He also has the power to intimidate, which comes in handy during his exploits with the Boys. While Billy isn’t usually a Supe in The Boys, it’ll be intriguing to see how closely the upcoming season will decide to follow the comics in this regard.

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