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The Boys Season 3: Butcher’s Superpower Serum Changes Everything

Karl Urban teases The Boys season 3, hinting that Butcher will form new allies and make surprising enemies after discovering a super serum.

Ahead of the highly anticipated arrival of The Boys season 3, Karl Urban hints at how Butcher gaining superpowers will completely upend the show’s status quo. Based on the comics from Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, the Amazon Studios TV series has earned a cult following for its raunchy, unhinged take on an action-packed superhero adventure. Fans and critics have fallen in love with the unique tone that The Boys is known for, plus the unlikely team of civilians who decide to destroy the world’s biggest heroes. Jack Quaid stars alongside Urban as Hughie Campbell, making up the pair of misfits who take on an elite team of Supes that have been tearing through their lives and unapologetically wreaking havoc.


After a blockbuster sophomore run that saw higher viewing numbers and surprise Emmy nominations, expectations are high for The Boys season 3. The show last left off with a stalemate between the Supes and the Boys, but that looks to change in a big way when it resumes. One of the biggest talking points about The Boys season 3 so far is the reveal that Butcher will indulge in some superpowers of his own, even despite his unyielding hatred for the heroes. Butcher’s newfound powers were front and center during The Boys‘ trailer, and it seems likely that this is a twist that will bring out some intense reactions from the other characters.

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In an interview with EW, Urban notes that the internal conflict Butcher faces this season will be greater than anything before. As he discovers a serum that grants him powers of his own, Butcher must either remain true to his beliefs or sacrifice his morals in pursuit of his ultimate goal. Urban teases that not only are there new alliances formed because of his decision, but Butcher also faces the consequences and could lose his friends in the process. Read more below:

“The result changes the course of everything…It leads to unexpected alliances and conflicts between characters that historically get along.”

the boys season 3 trailer

What Butcher decides to do with the superpower serum may be a huge turning point for The Boys. Given the choice between becoming a hero of his own kind, or succumbing to a darker, villainous instinct, Butcher is presented two viable options that could result in fulfilling his personal vendetta. Looking to The Boys trailer for clues, Hughie and the rest of the gang may initially disagree with Butcher, but there seems to be a moment when taking down the Supes the “right way” is no longer an option. By embracing this new super serum, normal civilians might finally be able to face heroes without being overpowered, which could lead to the elimination of people like Homelander.

Butcher has already established himself as an ambitious man who doesn’t always follow what’s legally right to get things done. In a world like The Boys‘ where heroes can kill civilians and earn a commission for it, the moral grey area is quite large, making it difficult to define who’s a villain and who’s a hero. If Butcher is willing to gain his own powers in the name of revenge and justice, audiences can hope for an intense, violent climax between him, the Supes, and, eventually, Homelander. This sets the stage for a very thrilling season of The Boys.

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The Boys season 3 premieres Friday, June 3 on Amazon Prime Video.

Source: EW


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