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The Fall of Magneto Teased for Marvel’s ‘Judgment Day’

Marvel hints at a major casualty for their Judgement Day event, teasing that the X-Men, Avengers, and Eternals crossover may be the end of Magneto.

Even though Magneto and the X-Men are somewhat at peace, Marvel’s massive Judgment Day event teases that it could be the end for the Master of Magnetism. Since Charles Xavier and Magneto created the Quiet Council of Krakoa, there has been unison between mutants from every corner of the Earth. However, the Eternals prove that their peace won’t last for long.

Eternals dedicate themselves to destroying their sworn enemies, Deviants. After discovering that mutantkind evolves a form of deviation, the cosmic forces declare war on the allied mutants. With no other choice but to obey their masters, the Eternals are set to do battle with the X-Men. The only heroes powerful enough to stand between them are the Avengers, who attempt to prevent an apocalyptic outcome between the two most powerful teams of super-powered beings. The massive conflict will undoubtedly involve casualties, but does this really mean the end for Magneto?


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On Russell Dauterman’s cover of X-Men: Red #6, written by Al Ewing and drawn by Stefano Caselli, fans can see the helmet of Magneto lying on the ground. While covers can sometimes tease and mislead fans, this one appears to imply that Magneto will fall in one way or another. Long-time comic book fans know that dead characters, especially the most influential ones, never stay that way for long. For instance, Magneto has “died” over five times already, which unofficially confirms that his end most likely won’t be permanent, especially with the current Ressurection Protocols on Krakoa. Nonetheless, when a character “dies” in Marvel Comics, it impacts them and marks an important moment in their history.

X-Men Red 6 AXE Judgment Day cover art.

Perhaps the most implicit death Magneto has ever faced occurred during Cullen Bunn and Edgar Salazar’s Uncanny X-Men #19. When Betsy Braddock, AKA Psylocke, learns about Magneto’s ties to the Hellfire Club, she precedes to stab him through the chest. Additionally, because Psylocke doesn’t want him to suffer, she finishes him off as quickly as possible with her psionic powers. The Master of Magnetism’s death at the incredibly powerful hands of X-Men’s Psylocke couldn’t have been more fatal. Still, X-Men writers found a way to resurrect Magneto just a few panels later, explaining that Exodus and Exlir immediately bring him back to life.

Time and time again, Magneto proves that he’s an unbeatable force. Whether he’s allied with the X-Men or leading the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, the Master of Magnetism has several options to come back to life against the Eternals. Even if Magneto faces some sort of “death” during Marvel‘s Judgment Day event, fans will likely see the magnetic mutant again, perhaps even sooner than they think.

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Look for X-Men: Red #6 when it releases on September 7th!

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