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The Family Chantel: Why Fans Think Chantel Is Now Too Good For Pedro

Chantel and Pedro Jimeno used to have a happy marriage, but now The Family Chantel fans believe that Pedro is mistreating his wife of five years.

Chantel and Pedro Jimeno used to be considered a successful and happy 90 Day Fiancé couple, but The Family Chantel fans are now questioning whether Pedro deserves to be with Chantel. The American woman and the Dominican Republic man have been married for five years and have weathered many family disputes and dramatic accusations. However, Pedro’s treatment of Chantel during The Family Chantel season 4 has caused viewers to assert that Chantel deserves better.

Chantel and Pedro fell in love quickly after meeting in the Dominican Republic. Pedro taught his future wife Spanish, and the duo was able to keep their flame alive while they had to date long distance. Pedro then faced enormous issues with Chantel’s meddling family, though the Everett clan now accepts him. Unfortunately, the Jimeno family does not accept Chantel. The Family Chantel season 3 concluded with Pedro facing difficult truths about his family and his mother. After realizing that most of the women in his family had slept with married men to father their children, Pedro began to seriously examine his marriage.


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Pedro and Chantel’s marriage is at a very bad place during The Family Chantel season 4. Chantel believes that Pedro’s family drama has pushed them apart, while viewers were shocked to see how much Pedro’s demeanor toward Chantel has changed. Pedro used to regard his wife with love and affectionately call her by her nickname, Pinky. However, he has been considerably colder toward her during the new season. While Chantel hopes to have an honest discussion with Pedro, he has been consistently placing their marriage last on his list. Pedro prefers to go out with his coworkers and not let Chantel know where he is or when he is coming back. Many fans find this behavior to be unacceptable.

Pedro Chantel Jimeno 90 Day Fiancé

Viewers have noted many signs that Chantel is maturing and trying to work on her marriage, while Pedro is giving her nothing in return. Chantel worked to be a sympathetic and supportive partner who communicates. She also puts effort into cooking, cleaning, and finding quality time to spend with her husband. However, Pedro brushes off her efforts and instead seeks to call her out on areas in which he finds fault. Pedro and Chantel’s communication has reached such a low point that Chantel was happy to have her family ask Pedro about having kids since she didn’t know where he stood on the matter.

Overall, many viewers are voicing their sympathy for a clearly distraught Chantel. However, Chantel did anger viewers by telling Pedro that she got him to the United States. Many fans felt that this was inappropriate of Chantel to say to her husband. At the same time, Pedro has also been put on blast for his cold and seemingly cruel behavior. Some of The Family Chantel viewers are wondering whether the couple staged their issues for views, though other fans believe that Pedro and Chantel might be truly headed toward divorce.

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