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The Flash Will Resolve Surprising Plot Point Before Series Finale

By the time The Flash series finale airs, whether that be in season 9 or season 10, the Arrowverse series will resolve one season 1 plot point.

By The Flash series finale, the Arrowverse drama will tackle a surprising remaining plot point that has been with the show since season 1. While Arrow kicked off the Arrowverse in 2012, The Flash will be the series to outlive its progenitor. The Flash started as Arrow‘s first spinoff show that, in turn, helped build out the larger Arrowverse, which featured several offshoots like Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman, and many more. Arrow, which starred Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, came to an end in 2020 after eight seasons and a total of 170 episodes. However, The Flash season 8 will officially surpass it with its upcoming season finale, which serves as the show’s 171st episode.


While it’s unclear when The Flash will come to an end, the Arrow spinoff has at least one more year, as The CW renewed it for season 9 back in March. However, the network is saving The Flash season 9 for midseason 2023, alongside Superman & Lois season 3 and the newest DC TV show, Gotham Knights. So far, The CW and Warner Bros. TV have officially not made a decision yet if season 9 will serve as the final season or if they may push for The Flash season 10. It will all come down to story pitches and actor availability in the end.

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Regardless of when The Flash series finale will take place, however, there is one unresolved plotline that will be dealt with by the end of the show. During TVLine‘s latest edition of Inside Line, a fan asked if The Flash ever plans to actually finish their repairs on STAR Labs, which is where Team Flash mainly operates. Fittingly enough, TVLine had an answer from showrunner Eric Wallace, as this was something they wanted to know too. Wallace makes it clear that since taking over as showrunner in season 6, it has been his plan to get STAR Labs’ remaining damages fixed by the time they get to The Flash series finale.

Yes — I hope to repair it in the series finale, whenever that is. That has always been my plan, since Season 6.

Barry Allen aka The Flash in CW Show

The damage to STAR Labs has been with The Flash since the particle accelerator explosion went off in 2013, which is how Barry Allen got his speed. After The Flash season 1, the show hasn’t ever really tackled this problem, with the characters occasionally acknowledging the remaining damage. Despite the fact that Team Flash has continued to use STAR Labs for nearly a decade, it’s somewhat hilarious that they haven’t actually fixed it. The only times where they have repaired it have been in alternative timelines or in the future, where STAR Labs operates as the Flash Museum.

Depending on how contract negotiations between the creative team and the respective studios go in the near future, that plot point may get resolved sooner rather than later. While The Flash season 9 is a go, only time will tell if the Arrowverse series has a life beyond it. Even though The Flash is one of The CW’s most successful remaining DC properties, the show’s future will likely come down to logistics, and it’s hard to imagine it ever going beyond season 10 if that’s in the cards. Whenever it comes time for The Flash to end, whether it be in 2023 or 2024, STAR Labs repairs are now at least one confirmed plot point for the series finale.

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Source: TVLine

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