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The Office: Here’s Who The Cast Is Married To IRL

It can be hard for The Office fans to accept that the series isn’t just over, it’s completely fictional. Michael Scott is a hilariously uncomfortable character but he is not real and the unique relationships he had with Jan, Carol, and Holly were fake. Likewise, as lovely as Jim and Pam were throughout the series, the actors who portrayed them (John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer) were never an item and are both happily married and have their own families.

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After rewatching the series, it’s normal for fans to wonder who the characters are married to or dating in real life after seeing their relationships develop over nine seasons. And just like the characters they played, each relationship is special.


Updated on January 21st, 2022, by Lynn Gibbs: Relationships are an ongoing theme throughout NBC’s The Office. If it’s not a romantic relationship like Jim and Pam’s, then it’s a friendly relationship like Michael and Dwight’s. After binging the series, it’s understandable to question who the actors are married to or dating in real life. The Office cast has amazing chemistry but they all had their own relationships with other people off-set. 

Paul Lieberstein’s Wife Appeared in An Episode

A split image of Paul Lieberstein and his wife from The Office

Paul Lieberstein didn’t just play Toby Flenderson, he was also a writer and producer for the show. Toby and his nemesis Michael had some of the best moments in the show, but fans always felt for Toby because of how Michael treated him.

Off set, Paul married actress Janine Poreba in 2008, according to Celebrity Mirror. Janine actually made a brief appearance in the series as Toby’s date, Amy, in 2007. The couple is quiet about their private life compared to other Office couples

Rashida Jones Lives A Private Life With Her Partner And Son

A split image of Rashida Jones and her partner Ezra

Rashida Jones played Jim’s short-term girlfriend, Karen. While fans weren’t thrilled with Jim dating someone other than Pam, Karen and Jim were a great couple during their time together.

Rashida moved on to other projects when her time on The Office ended, she also found love with musician Ezra Koenig. The two aren’t married but have been together since 2015, according to Alma. The site also noted that the notoriously private couple welcomed a son, Isaiah, in 2018 but don’t post about their life together on social media.

Andy Buckley’s Wife Is A Big Deal In The Acting World

Andy Buckley smiling in an online interview from The Office

Andy Buckley plays everyone’s favorite CEO, David Wallace. Due to his relationship with Michael, David had some of the best moments in The Office. He played the perfect corporate worker.

Outside of The Office, Andy has been married to acting coach, Nancy Banks, for years. The two share three children together. And while there aren’t many pictures of Andy with his family, he did praise his wife’s hard work to Boston Magazine and said, “I’m her biggest cheerleader.” Banks has coached stars like Channing Tatum, Margot Robbie, and Jennifer Aniston over the years.

Jenna Fisher & Lee Kirk Fell In Love Unexpectedly

The first thing fans want to know after watching The Office is: are Jim and Pam married in real life? However, that is not the case. For eight years, actress Jenna Fisher was married to director James Gunn but, according to The Netlinethey got divorced after wanting different things in life. While working on The Giant Mechanical Man, Fischer became close with screenwriter Lee Kirk. The two bonded over long-term breakups and slowly fell in love with. The two were married in 2010 and have two children together.

Fans can actually see Lee in an episode of The Office as Pam’s lactation consultant after she gave birth to CeCe in the hospital.

John Krasinski Loved The Devil Loves Prada For Emily Blunt

A split image of Emily Blunt and John Krasinski in different events

John Krasinski has been married to actress Emily Blunt since 2010 and the two have two daughters. Funny enough, Krasinski always had a crush on Blunt before meeting her. What’s even funnier is The Office had a few The Devil Wears Prada name drops throughout the show, which is where John first laid eyes on Emily, according to Variety.

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The two met in person through a mutual friend but have very different versions as to who asked who on a date. Krasinski told The Hollywood Reporter that he asked Emily out a few times and she took her time answering, but Blunt claims it was her who asked him out. Regardless of who asked who out, these two are almost as adorable as Jim and Pam during their relationship timeline.

Angela Kinsey And Joshua Snyder Blended Their Families

Some Office fans don’t realize that Angela Kinsey was married to writer and producer Warren Lieberstein for 10 years. Warren is the bother of Paul Lieberstein, who played Toby in The Office. He was also a writer for The Office.

After 10 years of marriage and one daughter, the two went their separate ways. And while Angela’s character had a child contract with Dwight, in real life, she got married to actor Joshua Snyder in 2016. Snyder has sons from a previous relationship and the two combined their former families creating a new, happy blended family. The two have their own baking blog and show where they cook together and share recipes.

Steve Carell’s Wife Played Carol Stills

A split image of Steve Carell and his wife from The Office

Steve Carell is the genius behind Michael Scott’s cringey—yet hilarious—moments, so it can be hard for fans to see him as a serious actor. However, Carell is a big name in Hollywood and has his family to lean on for support. He and actress Nancy Carell met at an improv class and got married in 1995.

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He adorably told The Guardian“I knew early on that she was the right one. I’ll never forget standing at the altar and I saw her coming down the aisle—immediately a sense of calm came over me.” The two now have two children and have created an empire for themselves.

Rainn Wilson And Holiday Reinhorn Have Been Together Since The ’90s

A split image of Rainn Wilson And Holiday Reinhorn from The Office

The Office fans may be obsessed with Dwight’s relationship with Angela Martin but in real life, Rainn Wilson has been married to actress Holiday Reinhorn since 1995. Rainn’s Dwight has been a part of some of the show’s most heartwarming and heartbreaking moments on his way to regional manager.

According to Good Housekeeping, the two met at the University of Washington at an acting class and now have a son together. Wilson has said that the two balance each other out perfectly. With both of them being involved in show business, they help each other with what the other lacks.

Kate Flannery And Chris Haston Are A Real Life Jim And Pam After Meeting At Work

A split image of Kate Flannery And Chris Haston from The Office

Actress Kate Flannery did a fantastic job of playing Meredith Palmer in The Office. Meredith was inappropriate, outspoken, and vulgar,  yet she was part of what made Dunder Mifflin Scranton run effectively.

In real life, Kate Flannery has been with her boyfriend Chris Haston for over 15 years, according to Today. Haston is an NBC photographer and the two met when he was taking photos for The Office. He even made a cameo in the series finale at Dwight and Angela’s wedding — the two are seen dancing in the background.

Brian Baumgartner And Celeste Ackelson Are Just As Private As Kevin Malone Was In Season 1

Brian Baumgartner played the iconic role of Kevin Malone and had some funny moments as the dim-witted accountant. He really came into his own throughout the series and became one of the best parts of the show.

In 2014, he married his girlfriend Celeste Ackelson in a lavish wedding in his backyard in Los Angeles, and adorably, his Office co-stars were in attendance. A year later, the newlyweds welcomed a baby girl named Brylee, according to US Magazine.

Ellie Kemper And Michael Koman Have A Love For Comedy

A split image of Ellie Kemper and her husband from The Office

Erin Hannon came to The Office in season six after Pam quit Dunder Mifflin to join The Michael Scott Paper Company. Thankfully, she was such a welcomed addition that she stayed with the series until the ninth and final season.

Erin is played by actress Ellie Kemper who married Michael Korman in 2012. Similar to Ellie, Michael is in show-business as a comedian and writer. The two met while on the set of Late Night with Conan O’Brien and are very supportive of each other’s careers, according to Hollywood Life. In 2016, the pair welcomed a son named James and in 2019, a second son named Matthew was born.

Oscar Nunez And Ursula Whittaker Enjoy A Life Outside The Limelight

A split image of Oscar Nunez And Ursula Whittaker from The Office

Oscar Nunez plays Oscar in The Office. He had some of the most memorable scenes and sarcastic quotes in the show and was a cast member for the entire nine seasons.

Outside of filming, Hollywood Mask noted that Oscar is married to actress Ursula Whittaker and the pair became engaged in 2010 before marrying in 2011. A year after the quiet couple got married, they became parents to a daughter named August. 

Melora Hardin And Gildart Jackson Are The Real Deal

A split image of Melora Hardin And Gildart Jackson from The Office

Melora Hardin played everyone’s favorite boss and ex-girlfriend, Jan Levinson. Jan was one of the more annoying characters because of her part as Michael’s crush and girlfriend. But the two eventually went their separate ways.

Outside of being Michael Scott’s former girlfriend, Melora met her husband Gildart Jackson at a wrap party over 20 years ago, noted The List. Gildart Jackson is also an actor who is known for his time on Charmed. The couple got married back in 1997 and are the parents of two daughters.

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