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The Umbrella Academy: 10 Best Quotes In season 3

WARNING! Major spoilers for The Umbrella Academy Season 3!

Netflix released season 3 of The Umbrella Academy on 22nd June and once again the main characters find themselves displaced while facing another apocalypse. The show has been applauded for its treatment of Elliot Page’s transgender reveal and the creation of Viktor Hargreeves. It creates some fulfilling and beautifully grounded moments in an otherwise very unrealistic show about time travel and super-powered siblings.

As the show has previously done, the chaos is amplified in season 3 as is the danger. With a black hole swallowing the entire universe, the characters go off in all directions; some break down and lose themselves, some find their true selves, some realize their true potential and some get married. In a crazy and chaotic show, it’s no wonder that everyone’s favorite quotes run the gamut.


Special Delivery

“I’ve Just Never Had My Ass Handed To Me Like That Before. It’s Like: ‘Here You Go. It’s Your Ass.”

Emmy Raver-Lampman as Allison Hargreeves, Elliot Page as Vanya/Viktor Hargreeves, Tom Hopper as Luther Hargreeves, Aidan Gallagher as Number Five, David Castañeda as Diego Hargreeves, Robert Sheehan as Klaus Hargreeves in The Umbrella Academy Season 3

The very first episode of season 3 goes all out with an incredible dance number to Kenny Loggins’ “Footloose” before a very intense fight scene where it’s Umbrellas versus Sparrows. While it seems the Sparrows might be better than all the Umbrellas, they are still no match against Viktor and decide to call it off for now.

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Rendezvousing at a park, Luther is hurt from his painful and bloody battle with the Sparrow’s Number One Marcus. Not used to being beaten quite like this, Luther hilariously shares just how much the Sparrows kicked his ass – letting all his siblings know how concussed he is.

This Is Me

“It’s Viktor… It’s Who I’ve Always Been.”

Umbrella Academy Viktor Hargreeves First Look

As a result of their own coming out as transgender in 2020, Elliot Page’s character Viktor also comes out in season 3 to the delight of fans. His transition is handled with the utmost care and sensitivity without being overly dramatic while also feeling like the right step for a character who has spent so long not understanding who they are.

Viktor’s relationship with Sissy gave him the courage to come out to his family. This isn’t an easy moment for anyone but Viktor handles it brilliantly. While his newfound confidence shines, it is evident he fears rejection but the opposite happens – the Hargreeves welcome the brother with welcome arms in this huge win for transgender representation in television.

Cobra Kai

“Stanley! Now’s Not The Time To Be Doing Karate!”

Split image of Diego and Stanley from The Umbrella Academy sitting next to eachother

While some siblings are focused on fixing this timeline where their father never adopted them, Diego is more focused on the present Lila dropped off for him – their 12-year-old son, Stanley. Suddenly faced with the Sparrows, a Kugelblitz, and fatherhood, Diego has a lot on his plate.

Until Lila reveals that Stanley is not theirs, it is incredibly believable that Stan is related to the Hargreeves for his rampant and chaotic nature. While Five tries to explain the Grandfather Paradox to his siblings, Stan decides to practice karate with a pool cue. In one of Diego’s best quotes, he hilariously reprimands his “son” before agreeing that Stan does need the practice.

Apocalypse Take 3

“Oh Can’t I Get One F***king Day Off?”

the umbrella academy season 3 cast

While most of the Umbrella siblings have had time to acquiesce and rest in the new timelines, Number Five has spent the last twenty days straight saving the world from two apocalypses. Declaring this alternate timeline acceptable, Five decides it’s time for him to retire and even agrees to go on a road trip with Klaus.

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Under the guise of a relaxing brotherly bonding experience, Klaus’s actual intentions are to find his birth mother and discover more about who he could have been. While Klaus confronts his Amish heritage, Five witnesses a wave of energy making a field of cows disappear. This leaves Five realizing that he cannot seem to catch a break.

All Hell Breaks Loose

“Peace Is Overrated.” “And Chaos Is Exhausting.”

Robert Sheehan as Klaus in Umbrella Academy

As a reminder of why children shouldn’t play with weapons, Klaus is accidentally killed by a harpoon-wielding Stanley. Sent back to the void that he first visited in season 1, Klaus realizes that all his near-death experiences were “actual-death experiences”. Trying to find the answers, Klaus searches the void and comes across his birth mother Rachel.

While she is content in this afterlife, Klaus disagrees thinking that eternal peace isn’t worth it.  Rachel responds that his chaotic ways are tiring and now fans and Klaus know where he gets his witty retorts. Fortunately, he is an experienced professional in causing chaos which is why fans adore this iconic pansexual character, and with his newfound immortality, Klaus’ levels of pandemonium only increase.

Everyone Say…

“Okay, The Next Person To Say ‘D*ckhead’ Is Getting A Punch To The Throat.”

Image of Five with a head wound sitting on a bench in the park

No one knows quite how to be annoying like siblings, which Five knows very well. With his snarky remarks, witty retorts, and threats of violence, Five is not someone to be messed with. His siblings however don’t care and like to press his buttons anyway.

After their defeat against the Sparrow Academy, the Umbrellas rest at a nearby park where they realize that in this their father adopted seven other childhood who are “d*ckheads”. Several of the family members take turns in calling their impressive, capable replacements this to Five’s annoyance leads to a savage quote. The threat doesn’t quite work out because like true siblings they all respond with “d*ckhead”.

Black Lives Matter

“I’ve Never Felt So Helpless In My Life. Even After My Voice Came Back, I Knew The Cost of Standing Up And Speaking Out. Living Everyday Under Constant Threat That You Or Someone You Loved Would Disappear”

After leaving Ray in 1963 to be reunited with her daughter Claire in 2019, Allison discovers that the changes in the timeline have led to Claire’s erasure from existence. This leads Number Three down a very dark road for the rest of the season. While grieving for her daughter, she is also dealing with her trauma from being a black woman in the 1960s.

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Not experienced by the rest of the Umbrellas, Allison felt the full sting of mid-twentieth-century racism. Allison shares her PTSD with the only sibling who will truly understand – Diego. She explains that during her time in the sixties, she was terrified of speaking out and of losing her loved ones to acts of hatred and prejudice. While it is an incredibly moving speech, Allison’s actions in the rest of the series find fans still turning against her.

Go Figure

“Things Are Still Real. They’re Just Moving By So Fast, You Get Dizzy With The Changes. It’s Like Figure Skaters… You Gotta A Pick A Focus Point. Something To Hold On To, No Matter What Changes Around You.”

Ritu Arya as Lila David Castaneda as Diego and Aidan Gallagher as Five in Umbrella Academy

Furious at Harlan for killing the Umbrella Academy’s mothers and preventing Claire from ever being born, Allison murders the closest person Viktor has to their child. Not only does it lead to a devastating showdown between the two siblings that leave fans shocked but Allison begins to spiral further and questions existence entirely.

Uncharacteristically it is Lila who offers some advice and imparts some of her time-traveling wisdom to Allison. She explains that “f*pping about with time-travel” can mess with a person’s head but promises that it is still real and the way to deal with it is to pick a point to focus on or face falling. While Lila doesn’t say it, it is heavily implied that Diego is what she holds on to and fans can see Lila becoming a true member of the family.

Klaus Is Immortal Now

“We Laughed, We Cried, We Played In Traffic And Long Story Short: I’m Immortal Now.”

Klaus Hargreeves in The Umbrella Academy season 3

After Stan impales his “Uncle Klaus” with a harpoon gun, Klaus realizes his powers extend to immortality. Led to his father by signs in real life and the void, Klaus seeks out Reginald to help him understand this new talent. While Klaus should have seen it coming, he is still surprised when his father kills him time and time again to test his immortality – mostly with vehicles.

After spending some time honing these skills, Klaus returns to his siblings who have inadvertently made the Kugelblitz worse after attempting to create Dyson’s Sphere using Christopher of the Sparrows – a character who makes no sense in this Umbrella-verse. But in true Klaus form, he briefly and hilariously explains in his absence he surprisingly bonded with Reginald and that he is now immortal.

Looking At The Man In The Mirror

“You Know I Always Hated Mirrors. I Thought Everybody Felt So Strange In Their Skin…” “What Do You See Now?” “Me. Just Me.”

Allison and Viktor’s sibling relationship has always been the strongest among the Umbrellas. While this relationship takes a tumble in the second half of season 3, Allison is incredibly supportive of Viktor as he comes out to his sister.

Wishing she could have helped more, Viktor explains that she couldn’t have known because he didn’t really until Sissy helped free him. Looking into a shop window at his new look (inspired by his brother Ben who sacrificed himself to save him)  they see themselves for the first time and it is a truly wonderful moment for the character.

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