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The Vampire Diaries: 10 Scenes That Proved Stefan Was Actually A Villain

Many fans of The Vampire Diaries are convinced that out of the Salvatore brothers, Stefan is the better of the two. However, there are too many scenes that justify him as the more villainous brother. Throughout the many seasons of the series, Stefan attempts to come across as the innocent brother who could do no harm. Next to Damon’s villainous acts, Stefan does look more heroic by comparison.

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However, there are plenty of examples that showcases Stefan’s villainous intent. Whether it be his consistent ability to turn off his humanity and become the ripper he was always meant to be, or hurting the ones he loves by talking about killing them, threatening to kill them, or killing them, Stefan Salvatore is no hero.

10 Lying To Elena About Katherine

An image of Elena and Stefan hugging in the kitchen in The Vampire Diaries

One of the most frustrating things that Stefan did right from the get-go was lying to Elena about the fact that he may or may not have a thing for people who look just like her. And the thing that is even more frustrating about this fact is that Stefan isn’t even the one to tell Elena about Katherine, she finds out by finding her picture on his desk.

So, when considering who the more villainous Salvatore brother is, it’s important to remember that if Damon were in his position, he probably would’ve told Elena about Katherine much sooner than Stefan.

9 Killing Vicki Donovan

Keeping in line with the first season of this epic TV series, one scene that proves that Stefan was a villain on the show was when he killed Vicki Donovan. Although he claims that he did this because she was “too dangerous” and to “protect Elena,”

Stefan didn’t even give Vicki the proper chance to prove that she could become a better vampire, or rather a more controlled vampire. He killed her without trying to give her the chance to change and grow. Or, as things tended to happen on The Vampire Diaries, turn back into a human.


8 Watching Damon Abuse Caroline

Another thing that Stefan did time and time again at the beginning of the first season was watch and stand by while Damon abused Caroline. Stefan’s sense of morality and justice conveniently only goes so far as to protect him and the people he feels it should protect at that moment.

Considering how Stefan and Caroline’s relationship later develops, it makes little to no sense as to why Stefan wouldn’t get on his high horse when it came to protecting Caroline from Damon’s clutches at the beginning of season 1.

7 Turning His Emotions Off Whenever It Was Convenient

Stefan drinking blood on the vampire diaries

There are an endless amount of scenes that fall under this specific one because Stefan consistently turns off his emotions whenever it’s convenient for him. Either when he can’t handle Elena rejecting him for his arguably less villainous brother Damon, or because he’s betrayed his last friend, Stefan will always resort to turning off his emotions instead of facing the many results of his actions.

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Because he’d rather turn off his emotions than face the music, he most definitely isn’t the hero of the series, which leaves little to no choice but to make him the villain.

6 Forcing Damon To Become A Vampire

One scene that proves that Stefan is the villain of the series was when Stefan forced Damon to become a vampire with him. Even though there are many excuses for his actions in doing so, such as Stefan not wanting to be without his brother and beloved companion, it was incredibly selfish and villainous of Stefan to put his wants and needs above the ones of his brother.

Becoming a vampire is a huge decision, Stefan should have respected Damon’s choice in becoming a vampire. And after all, one of the most consistent things a villain does is take away the choices of those who need it most.

5 Loving Being A Ripper

Paul Wesley as Stefan in The Vampire Diaries

Once the audience learns more and more about Stefan’s past, the picture of him as a villain becomes clearer and clearer. Stefan had an entire 10 year period, in which he killed and killed and killed, in hopes of making him feel better about himself.

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And although his emotions were off at this point, it’s clear that his ripper behavior stems from trauma and his desire to become a better person when his emotions are on. However, no trauma can justify his utterly villainous actions of murdering hundreds of people just for the fun of it.

4 Keeping A Running List Of All The People He Killed In The 20s

List of Stefan's victims in the 20s

The running list that Stefan kept on the inside of his closet door in his apartment that he kept in the 1920s, has to be one of the worst things he’s ever done (on top of killing everyone whose name is on that list). Not only is this more than a little serial killer-esque of Stefan to do, but he also shows little to no remorse for his actions.

This shows that Stefan isn’t as innocent as he’d like everyone to believe, and he needs to do a lot of community service to make up for all the lives he took when he had his humanity off.

3 Turning With The Blood Of His Father

When the audience learns what happened when the Salvatore brothers became vampires, there are two shocking details that Stefan can’t come back from the first being that he forces Damon to become a vampire with him, and the second that while turning into a vampire, he used the blood of his father to complete the process.

And as most everyone knows, the best villains were created by murdering their fathers. To be fair to Stefan, the reason that he and Damon began their transition in becoming a vampire was because of their father shooting them while they (unknowingly) had vampire blood in their systems. Even so, it still was incredibly villainous of Stefan to brutally murder his father the night of his transition.

2 Killing Enzo In Front Of Bonnie

Another thing that Stefan so cruelly did while his humanity was off killed Enzo in front of Bonnie. This shows that he has little to no care for how his actions affect those around him because despite not caring too deeply for Bonnie, both the women he loves are best friends with her and would thereby be affected by him murdering Enzo.

But, Stefan doesn’t care that this would hurt anyone because it doesn’t hurt him, making him one of the biggest villains on the show.

1 Threatening To Kill Elena

Stefan with blood on his face and Elena outside on The Vampire Diaries

The most villainous thing that Stefan ever did on The Vampire Diaries, was when he threatened to kill Elena in the spot where her parents died. Although his humanity was off and he was doing so to threaten Klaus to remove his hybrids from Mystic Falls, this act is unforgivable and did reprehensible damage to Elena, which is the person he claims to so faultlessly love.

Without this action, there could have been hope for the two to work it out. However, this act not only makes Stefan a true villain, but it also makes it impossible for him and Elena to ever end up together.

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