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Tigerlily Cooley Claims She Was ‘Bullied Off’ Love Island USA

Tigerlily Cooley, who appeared on Love Island USA, claims she was bullied and silenced on the show for refusing an islander’s advances.

Tigerlily Cooley, who gained popularity on Love Island USA, told fans on Twitter that she was bullied off of the show. Love Island focuses on the development of relationships in the villa. Each person must be in a couple to avoid being eliminated. However, the couples are often tested by introducing new individuals. Casa Amor is used as a separate villa where original couples are separated and paired up with a new person. Tigerlily was introduced during the Casa Amor portion of Love Island, which used to air on CBS but now streams on Peacock.


Tigerlily is a CEO of a marketing agency and a model who is from Los Angeles. She shares her modeling on Instagram as well as her music. She is an indie-pop artist who is passionate about music. The Love Island USA contestant often shares her songs on social media and performs concerts for her fans. Unfortunately, fans were not able to learn much about Tigerlily as she did not have much screen time on the Peacock series.

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On Twitter, Tigerlily claimed that she did not have much screen time because she was bullied by her peers. In her post, she said that she was excited to get to know an islander but was uncomfortable with his sexual advances. She refused his advances and felt that this caused other islanders to spread rumors about her. Tigerlily alleged to her followers that she was segregated from others and did not have screen time despite her connection with another person, saying it was “unfair” that the islander got to stay while she was “bullied off the show.” Due to this, the Love Island USA contestant was not part of reunions and opportunities to be involved with the show. She was upset about this as she was hoping to increase Asian American representation in media but was unable to do so. Despite this, she is passionate about advocating for more diversity in media and refuses to be silenced.

Fans were shocked and upset by the way Tigerlily was treated by cast members and producers. Many were sorry that she was treated this way and hope that she is doing okay. Viewers were angry that she was not able to share her experience while the islanders who mistreated her were allowed to continue on Love Island USA. Some shared that they were curious about what happened when they noticed her having less screen time. Fans are happy that Tigerlily is standing up for herself and is not allowing others to shame her. People feel that Tigerlily has been genuine and hope that she continues to advocate for herself.

It is unfortunate that people are being silenced when they have been mistreated. It is important to shed light on these issues to ensure that people are held accountable for their actions. As many Love Island USA fans have said, the entertainment industry needs to do a better job at ensuring people are treated kindly and their boundaries are respected.

Source: Tigerlily Cooley/Twitter

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