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Too Hot to Handle: Why Holly Scarfone Turned Down Love Island USA Offer

Holly Scarfone stars in Too Hot To Handle season 3. Holly turned down the opportunity to compete in Love Island USA when she was 20 years old.

Holly Scarfone is a welcomed addition to Too Hot To Handle season 3, but fans might be surprised to learn that the new television personality almost starred in another experimental dating competition. Before signing up for the abstinent villa, Holly considered searching for a romantic partner in Love Island USA season 1. From her age to her expectations for becoming a reality star, here’s why Too Hot To Handle season 3 star Holly decided to turn down a coveted role in Love Island USA.

Although Too Hot To Handle season 3 has only just premiered, Holly is already predicted to be one of the series’ most memorable cast members. Holly’s a 23-year-old Canadian psychology student who prides herself on her work ethic. When she’s not busy pursuing her impressive psychological studies, Holly’s a burgeoning model. Before entering the daunting villa, Holly confessed that she’s not typically one for long-term relationships. Holly’s hot-and-cold approach to romance could turn into an obstacle during her villa stay as the cast members are fined for partaking in any sexual activity during their island getaway. Fortunately, Holly’s choice to star in Too Hot To Handle appears to have worked out as she’s posted videos with her castmate, Nathan Soan Mngomezulu on social media.


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Holly’s social media indicates that she might have sparked a romance during her run in Too Hot To Handle season 3, but the psychology student almost embarked on a much different relationship journey. Before signing up for the celibate dating series, Holly was offered a role in Love Island USA season 1. Although the Love Island franchise has become one of the most popular international competition shows, Holly confessed that she wasn’t prepared for everything that would come with searching for love in the turbulent dating series. In an interview with Digital Spy, Holly recalled, “I was actually approached to do Love Island… the US one, for season one, and I respectfully declined.” Although appearing in Love Island is the opportunity of a lifetime, Holly explained that she was only 20 years old when she was offered her spot on the island.

Holly Scarfone Too Hot To Handle

While she’s turned out to be a vital cast member in Too Hot To Handle season 3, Holly shared that she couldn’t envision herself as a reality star when Love Island USA approached her to appear in season 1. Holly admitted, “I just… I couldn’t imagine myself on a reality show.” Fortunately for Too Hot To Handle fans, Holly eventually changed her mind and turned out to have a knack for starring in reality TV. Holly confirmed that while it was a tempting offer, she was simply too young to accept Love Island USA‘s offer. Holly added, “I was in a different spot a couple years ago. I was also a lot younger.” Even though it’s only been a few years since she turned down Love Island, Holly affirmed that she made the right decision joining Too Hot To Handle season 3.

Holly’s journey in Too Hot To Handle season 3 demonstrates that she’s not one to be pinned down, and her choice to turn down Love Island USA might not be a popular decision for a blossoming model to make. Holly established that she was too young to take on the momentous opportunity and wasn’t sure if reality television was the right fit for her. Fortunately, Holly’s run in Too Hot To Handle season 3 proves the psychology student has what it takes to be a reality star.

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Sources: Digital Spy


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