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Trek to Yomi: All Artifacts and Upgrade Locations in Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of Trek to Yomi introduces players to Collectables, items hidden throughout the level that provide snippets of lore or upgrades for Hiroki.

Chapter 1 of Trek to Yomi features a total of eleven Collectables hidden through the various stages of the level. The chapter’s Collectables include seven Artifacts, one Health Upgrade, two Stamina Upgrades, and one Bo-Shuriken Capacity Upgrade. After being trained by Sanjuro, Hiroki will encounter the first Artifact, Tamaya Mirror, in the area to the right of the residence. This Trek to Yomi Collectable is located in front of the front-right pillar of the pavilion across the manor’s pond bridge.

Izanagi Print, Chapter 1’s second Artifact, can be found during the Objective: “Reach the main gate.” After helping an Old Man move his cart, head up the stairwell and into the bar on the left. Loot the item off the table near the doorway to acquire the Collectable. During the same Objective, Hiroki and Aiko will be scolded by a Quartermaster for entering a storage room without permission. From here, continue into the street on the right to encounter a friendly Merchant. Speak with the Merchant to receive the third Artifact, Kai-Awase Shell.


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While exploring the area with Aiko in Trek to Yomi Chapter 1, Hiroki will hear a person’s screams upon reaching a building made of bamboo. When this audible event occurs in Trek to Yomi, head into the room on the left to find Sakura Bloom, the chapter’s fourth Artifact, atop a wooden table.

Every Collectable In Trek To Yomi Chapter 1

Collectables In Trek To Yomi Chapter 1

After Hiroki kills his first enemy and several more hostiles, he will reach a Shrine along the street. Investigate the small alleyway behind the checkpoint to find the fifth Artifact, Field Mouse Sculpture, on a parasol-covered table. Players must fight past several more Bandits until reaching a watermill near a river. Walk down the path towards the next Shrine with a weeping woman to find the chapter’s Health Upgrade in plain sight on the roadside.

Progress through the chapter until reaching the point when Hiroki arrives at a gate and makes the remark, “I hope Aiko is still safe.” Go through the village gate and enter the second home on the right to discover the sixth Trek to Yomi Artifact, Kakute. After activating the next Shrine, continue to the right until reaching a Secret Room with the first Stamina Upgrade. In the same area, go upstairs and head to the farthest room on the left to find the Bo-Shuriken Capacity Upgrade. A few minutes later, Hiroki will need to “Search the outskirts” of the village. Explore the area to the right of the cemetery outside of town to find the second Stamina Upgrade and the last Collectable Artifact of Chapter 1, Izanami Print.

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Trek to Yomi is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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