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V Rising: How to Make Explosives

To destroy enemy fortifications such as barricades or walls, V Rising Vampires will need to craft and use explosives made from Sulphur.

Explosives are offensive utility items in V Rising used to demolish structures such as walls and barricades in both PvE and PvP situations. For instance, PvP clans can craft and use explosives to blast through their opponents’ main gate and invade their Castle. As for PvE, explosives are one of the methods required for sieging the Bandit Stronghold, granting players access to an essential V Blood Boss, Quincy the Bandit King. Likewise, V Rising will have other situations during which Vampire adventurers will need to utilize explosives during their playthrough.

The first explosive Recipe that V Rising fans can unlock is the Minor Explosive Box. To acquire this item’s Recipe, players will need to defeat Clive the Firestarter, a Level 30 V Blood enemy located in the Bandit Sulphur Quarry of Farbane Woods. Slaying this Boss will reward Vampires with the Veil of Chaos, Blueprints for decorative Structures, and the schematics for the Alchemy Table. The Alchemy Table is the workstation needed to make Sulphur powder and the Minor Explosive Box.


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The Bandit Sulphur Quarry is located on the western side of Farbane Woods, south of the Gleaming Meadows. While there are no prerequisites to face Clive the Firestarter other than tracking his blood via the Blood Altar, it is highly recommended Vampires attain at least Level 30 before fighting this formidable foe. Positioning is the key to defeating Clive, as most of his attacks are AoE bomb explosions. Additionally, the Firestarter is a Boss that will punish players who recklessly chase after him with melee abilities. Nonetheless, once Clive’s been defeated, V Rising fans can consume his V Blood to receive the Recipe for explosives.

How To Unlock & Craft Explosives In V Rising

Unlocking and Crafting Explosives In V Rising

Before returning to the Castle, Vampires are advised to harvest some Sulphur Ore before leaving the quarry since they will need the resource to make the Minor Explosive Box. This way, they will not need to go gathering and can get straightaway into crafting in V Rising. First, to build an Alchemy Table, players will need the following materials:

  • Blood Essence ×100
  • Plank ×16 
  • Sulphur ×12

Blood Essence is acquired from farming enemy mobs, Planks are made from Lumber refined at the Sawmill, and Sulphur is produced by placing Sulphur Ore ×15 into a Furnace.

Next, a single Minor Explosive Box requires the following ingredients to be crafted:

  • Sulphur ×8
  • Plank ×8
  • Whetstone ×4

Whetstones can be made within a Furnace using a Copper Ingot and Stone Dust ×12.

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V Rising is available on PC.

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