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Vincent D’Onofrio Reveals The Real Reason Why Daredevil Was Canceled

Kingpin actor, Vincent D’Onofrio confirms why Marvel TV and Netflix’s Daredevil was unceremoniously canceled despite a great third season in 2018.

Vincent D’Onofrio reveals why Daredevil was really canceled. Marvel TV and Netflix’s inaugural show premiered in 2015 and followed Charlie Cox’s lawyer-by-day/vigilante-by-night character and his adventures in Hell’s Kitchen. The show paved the way for more Marvel series on the streaming giant such as Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders. Despite that, it remained to be the best-received, hence why its unceremonious cancellation was the most difficult to accept for fans.

The first two seasons of Daredevil were great, but arguably its best outing was its third and final year. Released in 2018, the 13-episode outing saw the culmination of Murdock and Wilson Fisk/Kingpin’s (D’Onofrio) intense rivalry. Its finale was crafted in a way that could also function as a satisfying send off to the show’s characters. However, considering how great Daredevil was overall, fans were hoping that amidst the consecutive cancellations of its fellow Marvel TV/Netflix projects, it would be spared. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. A little bit more than a month since it returned for its last year, Daredevil was unceremoniously canceled.


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Initially, there was confusion as to what really factored in Daredevil and the rest of Marvel TV/Netflix’s slate ending. Conflicting rumors came out; some claimed that Marvel was the one to pull the plug on the projects, while others said it was the streaming giant. Now, years after the cancellation, D’Onofrio fully opens up about the experience in a new interview with Marvel News Desk, confirming that the series was canceled because Disney+ was coming out. He also talks about how the cast felt when they heard the news. Read his comments below:

“I don’t think any of us were okay. I think that we were like, ‘Oh okay, we had a hit show and now it’s gone.’ But shortly after that, at same time the #SaveDaredevil groups started to rise, the cast, most of us I believe, but I know Charlie (Cox) and I for sure, and Deborah (Ann Woll), I think we started to learn the reasons why that happened. So we understood what Marvel was doing because Disney+ coming out….When you’re in this business a long time like we have all been, it kind of made sense business-wise. What didn’t make sense to us was why we wouldn’t continue that show or the idea of how that worked and how well it worked. Conceptually, I think we were disappointed but I think we all understood what was going on and it sort of was inevitable. In this business you learn to accept things because you know its a business in the end and there’s nothing you can really do about it.

“One of the things about losing the opportunity to do a fourth season was, I know Charlie feels the same way and I know he’d be comfortable with me speaking for him because Charlie and I are friends, there was a lot more to explore. With his character and mine. All the characters in my opinion, and we just hoped that we’d be able to and it turns out I’ve been able to do Hawkeye now and Charlie is there in Spider-Man.”

Daredevil season 3 finale Kingpin

Apparently, the cast and crew of the series were in the dark about the cancellation and despite season 3’s ending, the producers and writers already had a story laid out for Daredevil season 4. In fact, showrunner Erik Oleson even got the opportunity to pitch the narrative to Netflix, but considering his excitement over the possibility, it didn’t seem like he was informed of the planned cancellation of the show. As D’Onofrio mentioned, there was an online campaign asking to save Daredevil from its cancellation; nothing came out of it, but the movement was revived when it’s confirmed that both D’Onofrio and Cox are now part of the MCU proper, debuting respectively on Hawkeye and Spider-Man: No Way Home. No word yet, however, if their old castmates will eventually join them in the franchise.

While Marvel Studios has yet to confirm, D’Onofrio has said that his version of Kingpin in the MCU is the same character as in Daredevil. Despite supposedly being part of the MCU, the Marvel Studios films never really acknowledged the existence of the Marvel TV/Netflix universe, with many treating them as an entirely different continuity. Regardless, fans are just thrilled to see both D’Onofrio and Cox being able to continue playing their respective Marvel roles, with the chance of them eventually crossing paths in the future.

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Source: Marvel News Desk

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