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Welcome to Plathville’s Micah’s Cutest 2022 IG Pics With His Family

With the Welcome to Plathville reality series in its off season, fans are reminiscing, by enjoying cute family pictures on Micah Plath’s Instagram account. The show airs on the TLC network, and most viewers consider the very blonde family members attractive. Although many Plaths live the Christian fundamentalist way, fans have seen some of them loosen up a lot over the past few years. Most of the older Plath kids now have social media handles, and from time to time, they update their fans about what is going on in their lives.


Micah moved far away from his hometown (Cairo, Georgia) to pursue his modeling career. He’s posted several pictures that show his followers how well his modeling career is going. There are also photos of Micah having fun; he’s clearly enjoying the life that he is now leading in Hollywood. As well, there are pictures on his Instagram that feature his family. Micah has always been upfront about how he loves his relatives, and he’s stated that he didn’t move away due to a dispute, or anything like that. The model has shared that relocating to L.A. has actually made the time that he spends with his family a lot more fulfilling.

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The Plaths Are Working Out

As he is a model, Micah has a toned body, but in this family photo, it seems like he is not the only Plath with impressive muscles. This picture showed Micah and his dad Barry Plath showing off their fitness. In the photo, Micah’s sisters also pose for the camera. In his caption for the carousel of pictures, he explained that, every time he decides to go home, his visits last longer than he planned. Fans gushed over the family in the comments, with most of them saying that Barry looked very good.

Micah Shared A Plath Vacation

Fans of Welcome to Plathville will recall that in season 4, Olivia Plath had work to do in Jamaica. The timing coincided with Ethan Plath’s birthday. Olivia decided to bring Ethan, Moriah Plath, and Micah along for the trip, turning it into a family vacation. The picture shows the trio having drinks, with big smiles all around. In his caption, Micah let his followers know that it was his first time outside the country. The TLC series’ fans were spreading love, and have lots of goodwill for the family.

A Picnic With The Plaths

In this Instagram carousel, Micah is seen with his siblings. He posed with Isaac Plath and his little sisters, as he fondly calls them. They all went out and had a picnic. In some photos, horses were pictured, while another photo featured cows. It looked like everyone was having fun with their big brother, Micah. Fans definitely enjoyed seeing the family, and loved the fact that Micah had taken his siblings out. Some Welcome to Plathville fans even made a note of how close-knit the family is.

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