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Wesley Snipes Wrote Two Blade 4 Sequel Scripts After Trinity

Wesley Snipes reveals that he and his team prepared two potential scripts for Blade 4 after the release of Trinity, though they never came to be.

Wesley Snipes has revealed that his team prepped two potential scripts for a Blade 4 that never came to be. 1998’s Blade was one of the earliest live-action Marvel films of the current boom of superhero features. Snipes starred as the titular daywalking vampire hunter, a role he ended up reprising in 2002’s Blade II and 2004’s Blade: Trinity. Since then, the franchise moved away from his iteration of the character with the hero being played by the rapper Sticky Fingaz for the short-lived Blade: The Series in 2006. He’ll soon be revisited once more in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe reboot of Blade starring Mahershala Ali.


Blade was a trendsetter in many ways. In addition to coming at the beginning of the wave of modern superhero blockbusters, which was also spurred forward by the success of 2000’s X-Men and 2002’s Spider-Man, it was also one of the first wide-release Marvel films in cinema history. Although Marvel had a hold on pop culture in the form of animated series like Spider-Man and live-action television projects including The Incredible Hulk in the late ’70s, blockbuster filmmaking was dominated by DC heroes like Superman and Batman. In fact, Blade was the second-ever big-budget Marvel film after the widely panned box office bomb Howard the Duck in 1986.

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While speaking with, Snipes revealed that he and his team prepped multiple drafts of scripts for a potential Blade 4 after Trinity‘s release. They created “two versions of a story that would’ve fit well into the Blade world,” though their drafts didn’t include any other Marvel characters as far as he remembers. The scripts didn’t come to fruition, but they have been repurposed for other projects that Snipes’ team was involved in, though he didn’t specify which projects or in what way. Read his full quote below:

We actually wrote two scripts. We have two versions of a story that would’ve fit well into the Blade world. But since we didn’t go that route and we didn’t have the knock on the door again, we tweaked them and now we use them for something else. So I got two Blade killers.

Wesley Snipes on the Poster for Blade II

There are likely several factors that led to the franchise not moving forward with Blade 4. Although all three Blade movies were substantial hits at the box office, paving the way for future R-rated superhero movies like Deadpool and Logan, the films became more and more poorly received by critics. With that consideration, combined with the tension between Snipes and Trinity‘s director David S. Goyer on set, the studio was tempted to find other outlets for the IP, leading to the tv series, which only ended up lasting 13 episodes.

The time has long since passed for a Blade 4 to be made in that continuity. However, there could still be an opportunity for Snipes to reprise the role at some point. Should the MCU’s Blade become big enough to earn its own Spider-Man: No Way Home style multiverse crossover, it might even be possible for him to reprise his version of Blade in a sequel to the reboot.

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