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What We Do In The Shadows: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Colin Robinson As A Character

Content Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the FX show What We Do in the Shadows.

The ongoing fourth season of FX’s What We Do in the Shadows has answered several burning questions about the creature that crawled out of Colin Robinson’s corpse, also known as baby Colin. Whether they’re completely different characters or the same energy vampire, it’s obvious that they have similarities that are emerging as baby Colin rapidly ages.

Viewers are likely still missing the original fan-favorite energy vampire, though, whose unique personality is perfectly captured by some hilarious memes created and shared by fans. These memes reflect Colin’s dry and deadpan humor in creative ways and serve as an ode to the deceased (and possibly revived) character.


He’s Got Interests

When Colin’s not hanging around the house and bumming everyone out, he’s usually at the office feeding off of his workmates’ energy. Beyond these two activities, nobody really knows what else the energy vampire is up to. This is why his answer to Guillermo’s question about his other interests is so enlightening.

Colin’s favorite things to do are “to walk around” and “to stare,” which is a gut-busting response that fits his personality so perfectly. The statement has quickly become a meme in the fandom, as there’s no shame in being able to relate to the energy vampire when it comes to his hobbies.

There Are No Limits

Colin has a talent for being unbelievably mediocre, so much so that he manages to stay under the radar at his workplace for the longest time. He doesn’t even know what his company does, but he goes around the office acting as if he fits right into the dull environment.

The brilliant meme that parodies motivational posters shows Colin’s tendency to be average. He does sound like the kind of person to encourage others to set realistic goals and avoid dreaming too big, which is precisely how he lives his life as an energy vampire as well.

Why Are Pencils Yellow

If he’s ever given an opening, Colin can bore anyone (except for Topher) with hours of worthless information. Whether it’s about the perfect playlist for a road trip or the color of a pencil, he has a way of needlessly extending and milking random topics for all they’re worth.

This is how the energy vampire feeds, after all. Unlike the usual vampires that drink blood and often kill people to survive, Colin has to drain energy by boring another person, sometimes until they faint, fall asleep, or even pee themselves.

Just A Big Family

Despite being terrible at social interactions, Colin is surprisingly the most grounded vampire among the housemates. He has a good understanding of modern social norms, especially in the workplace. The meme featuring Colin’s funny line about having “a big family” at work underscores his knowledge about questionable methods that humans use.

While all of the vampires see humans as “cattle,” Colin gets the ins and outs of social interaction. This likely helps him accomplish his goal of draining others, as it’s much easier to do so when he knows what makes his victims tick.

Radiating Energy

The mockumentary presents a funny twist on the typical image a vampire has, especially in Colin’s case. A hilarious meme highlights the stark difference between the energy radiated by someone like Lestat from Queen of the Damned when compared to an energy vampire.

Colin may never be the cool and badass hard rock lead that Lestat is, but the energy vampire fully knows and embraces his mediocrity and boring nature. Fans who can relate to Colin’s gripes about work and being neglected by friends who find him draining likely find comfort there that even the strongest vampires can’t offer.

Describing Three Vampires

A humorous meme that features vampires from Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Interview With a Vampire, and The Lost Boys gets several comments from fans who can relate to the part that shows the energy vampires they actually are.

Instead of being the badass characters from the classic films, most people likely have the three Colins’ traits. It’s a moment that displays another one of the energy vampire’s unique abilities, as he manages to clone himself while draining Nadja, Laszlo, Nandor, and Guillermo. It’s too bad the villainous C-man and the other Colin end up dead by the end of that episode.


Much of Colin’s family history remains a mystery, which is why he knows so little about energy vampires in general. Nobody’s really sure where they came from or the specifics of their powers, but that doesn’t bother Colin one bit.

The meme about being inspired by Colin’s “version of self-love” highlights the energy vampire’s ability to just accept who he is despite not fully knowing every single detail. That kind of mindset is a big part of why Colin is usually cheerful, which is something that understandably motivates his fans to develop a similar outlook.

What’s Updog

Colin’s decision to begin using humor as a way to drain others is an important turning point in his story arc, as it signals the start of his constant cheesy jokes. One unforgettable joke he tries to successfully tell again and again is “updog,” which is why it’s not surprising that it has been featured in so many memes.

Nobody falls for Colin’s hilarious “updog” line, so he summons his dead grandmother’s ghost to be able to tell the joke. It shows how far the energy vampire will go when he sets his mind on something so menial and it’s not hard to imagine him doing the same over text.

Socializing After Isolation

Viewers who watch The Office probably already noticed a familiar face in Dunder Mifflin, with Nathan Nickerson (also known as Nate) even having a similar annoying but hilarious personality that Colin has. Both characters are excellent examples of how not to socialize with others.

Nate and Colin can talk about dull topics like gum at length, which understandably irritate and bore those around them. It’s exactly the kind of awkwardness that happens after not socializing enough during isolation or just not knowing how to in everyday situations.

Ethnicity Estimate

After Guillermo encourages the vampires to take an ancestry test, he’s not the only one with surprising results. Nandor has thousands of descendants, Guillermo is a Van Helsing, Nadja and Laszlo don’t care about theirs, and apparently, Colin is “100% white.”

The gut-busting scene where Guillermo says it’s impossible before being proven otherwise has become the subject of memes among fans. An image showing Colin’s “ethnicity estimate” reflects the absurdity of the energy vampire’s DNA test result, which is significantly different from Nandor and Guillermo’s more complex roots.

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