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Where to Find Shiny Scorpions in My Time at Sandrock (& What They Do)

Shiny Scorpions can be found by searching various scrap piles in My Time at Sandrock, and they can be sold or used as gifts to increase relationships.

There are different types of insects and animals that can be found or caught in My Time at Sandrock, including Shiny Scorpions. Despite the creature’s description, which indicates that there is no obvious use for Shiny Scorpions, there are a few things that players can do with them. Shiny Scorpions are one of the first creatures that players will be able to find, catch, and use in My Time at Sandrock.

Any type of pile can be searched to find a Shiny Scorpion, including scrap heaps, trash, junk, and wood piles in My Time at Sandrock. Unfortunately, Shiny Scorpions spawn randomly, so it may take a while to find one. However, there are a lot of piles to search through, and it’s easy to quickly dig through them. To find as many Shiny Scorpions as possible, players should search every pile they see and be ready to try to catch the creature as soon as one appears.


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Unlike being able to use Sandfish Traps to catch fish in My Time at Sandrock, catching Shiny Scorpions can only be done by hand. As soon as a Shiny Scorpion pops out of a scrap or trash pile, players will need to chase it and grab it using the interaction key. If the Shiny Scorpion isn’t caught quickly enough, it will disappear into the ground leaving behind a small dirt cloud, then the search will begin again.

How To Use Shiny Scorpions In My Time At Sandrock

Where to Find Shiny Scorpions in My Time at Sandrock & What They Do Scorpion Spawn

Shiny Scorpions can be given as a gift to advance the player’s relationship with Elsie. Since Elsie can be found in Ranch Homestead and is one of the characters that can be romanced. Giving Elsie a Shiny Scorpion will result in a +10 to +20 increase in the relationship.  There are multiple romance options in My Time at Sandrock, and each character has different likes and dislikes. The Shiny Scorpion is only useful for increasing the player’s romantic relationship with Elsie.

Although the description says there’s no obvious use for a Shiny Scorpion, it also indicates that these creatures are sought out by salesmen. Shiny Scorpions can be sold for 64 Gol, which players can use to update their homes in My Time at Sandrock. Searching piles frequently will lead to more Shiny Scorpions to sell, but it shouldn’t be a primary method for farming Gol. Due to the random spawn, actively hunting for a large number of Shiny Scorpions would be very time-consuming.

Increasing relationships and starting a romance is one of the most enjoyable features in the game, so, depending on which relationship players want to build up, saving Shiny Scorpions may be a better option than selling them. There are a few other characters whose relationships can be increased with Shiny Scorpions, but they aren’t romanceable. Regardless of how they’re used, a Shiny Scorpion is one of the earliest creatures that can be found in My Time at Sandrock.

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My Time at Sandrock is available on Steam in Early Access.

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