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Why FF7 Rebirth Might Change Cid (But Probably Not Too Much)

FF7 Remake has made changes to both the story and characters of FF7. How many changes will Square Enix make to Cid’s crude character in FF7 Rebirth?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake has been making changes to core elements of the game, but characters have been receiving refinement rather than being redone, leading players to rightfully wonder what might become of Cid in FF7 Rebirth. Considering that not all characters in older games have aged well when looked at through the lenses of modern culture and society, it’s expected that those characters will receive adjustments to be more appropriate for the modern audience when being remade. Like Barret, Cid’s original character hasn’t aged the most gracefully.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is more of a reimagining of FF7 than a true-to-form remake. Like the original, FF7 Remake begins with Cloud and Avalanche as they destroy Mako reactors in an effort to save the planet. By the end of the first part of the remake, it’s clear that it will be taking a very different path from the original. It’s even possible that the second part, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, will have two Clouds.


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Cid Highwind is one of many Final Fantasy characters named Cid, which is a tradition in the series. Cid hasn’t yet been introduced in the FF7 Remake since the content of the game hadn’t yet reached the point where he joins the group, but players are assuming that Square Enix will be adjusting his character to be more appropriate for a modern audience since he is rather crass in the original FF7. Cid receiving changes to his character wouldn’t feel out of place either, since most characters have been changed at least a little bit for FF7 Remake.

Cid Could Gain More Character Depth In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth


Out of all the characters in FF7, Barret and Cid are the most crude. Cid is shown to have a soft heart in FF7, but he comes off as a rough, harsh man who is upset about not achieving his dream. Final Fantasy 7 Remake made Barret into a well-rounded character rather than a caricature, but the core elements of his personality remained and were expanded upon from the original. Square Enix will probably take a similar approach with Cid and round out his roughness and crude attitude to display more of the soft heart and show how he’s been shaped by the inability to accomplish his dream. It might also adjust his dialogue for less swearing, depending upon what the game’s rating allows, since it would sound strange to have so many words censored with voice acting.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is taking the story in a direction that not every fan likes. There are a lot of potential points coming up where FF7 Rebirth could change the FF7 story, but the characters of FF7 aren’t seeing changes as drastic as the story has received. Players worried about how Cid might be different should take comfort in the fact that Square Enix is changing characters to improve them in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

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