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Why Sister Wives Fans Think That Meri Brown Needs Help

Sister Wives star Meri Brown is struggling to figure out her spiritual marriage with Kody Brown. Now, fans have started to think that Meri needs help.

On Sister Wives, Meri Brown has been treated badly by Kody Brown for many years, and viewers wonder if she needs help. The female reality star has faced a lot of challenges in her spiritual marriage with Kody. She was the first wife to join the plural marriage, which now seems like a façade. Meri never got the love that she deserved from Kody, but recently, she decided to reignite her romance with him. However, he declared that he does not want to have any kind of intimate relationship with her. Whether they like Meri or not, most fans do sympathize with her, due to her Sister Wives experiences with her spouse.


In a recent preview shared by TLC on Instagram, Meri was seen getting emotional over the argument that she had with Kody. While she was still dealing with the death of her mother, Kody dropped a bombshell. He suggested that she should permanently move to Utah, and call her bed and breakfast home. Christine Brown showed support for Meri. Christine recently left Kody, and said that Meri has made it clear since the beginning that she bought the inn to keep it in her family, rather than to use as a personal residence.

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Why Was Sister Wives’ Meri Hurt By Kody’s Behavior?

According to Meri, it hurt her to hear Kody tell her to move to Utah. He seems to think that Meri bought the inn to get away from him whenever she wanted to. She started remembering better days with him, back when they started their family. Meri was the very first wife of Kody Brown. In her words, “I was here at the very beginning, I helped start this family. It was me and him. We had plans and he loved me.” However, Kody doesn’t seem to care about Meri’s feelings now, and fans think he neglects her. In his defense, Kody said that he suggested Meri move out because they don’t interact much.

Kody’s behavior towards Meri baffles fans. The viewers are sympathetic to her, but they also get angry when Meri chooses to stay in her platonic marriage, even though she’s been insulted repeatedly. Kody clearly gives hints to Meri that he doesn’t want to be with her, but she doesn’t give up on the spiritual union. She thinks that her relationship with Kody is going through a rough phase that will pass, and apparently, she believes that things will improve someday.

However, fans believe that Meri’s behavior is pitiful, and they think that she needs assistance. Even after getting abandoned by her partner, and feeling excluded by the other wives, Meri is still clinging to the hope that her marriage might work in the future. According to fans, Meri should leave Kody, and find someone who deserves her loyalty. Now, Sister Wives fans are eagerly waiting, hoping that Meri will follow the same path as Christine.

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