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Wordle 350: June 4, 2022 Hints & Answer

Another day, another fairly easy Wordle puzzle for players to solve. Here are the daily hints and the full answer to today’s Wordle.

June 4th provides another Wordle word for players to guess, and today’s answer shouldn’t cause too much trouble for seasoned players. The game is played on a 5×6 grid of boxes and players are tasked with guessing a single five-letter word within six guesses. Each time a word is guessed Wordle will use little colored emoji boxes to give clues based on how close players come to getting the right answer. If a letter is highlighted in green that means it is correct and in the correct position. Yellow highlights denote a correct letter in the wrong position, and finally grey means the letter doesn’t belong in the correct answer at all. With these hints, players continue to guess until they get the correct word for the day, or run out of chances.


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For those players who prefer more of a challenge, Wordle does offer a Hard Mode which can be switched on in the options menu before starting any daily puzzle. This mode will stop players from repeating letters that have already been used. If a letter has been proven incorrect in a previous guess it will lock on the screen and no longer be allowed to be chosen. Alternatively, if a letter has previously been proven correct it must be used in the correct spot on all subsequent answers. This mode requires a little more critical thinking but can help lower the number of guesses required to get the correct answer since there is nothing allowing players to waste a guess. Sometimes, knowing a Wordle answer is hard actually makes it easier to get correct.

Today’s Wordle Hints (June 4th #350)

Wordle 350 June 4th Attempt

For those players who don’t wish to have today’s Wordle answer spoiled right away, we’ve provided a few hints to help those who just need a little nudge in the right direction.

  • Hint 1: There are no repeated letters in today’s answer.
  • Hint 2: This Wordle word can be found on the top of fancy coffee drinks.
  • Hint 3: A collection of tiny bubbles.

Today’s Wordle Answer (June 4th #350)

Wordle 350 June 4th Attempt

The June 4th Wordle answer is FROTH.

For our starting Wordle word today we used IRATE which provided two correctly placed letters, ‘R’ and ‘T’. Our second guess was BROTH, this provided the entire ending ‘ROTH’ and left us with only two possible answers. Our third guess was WROTH, which ended up being incorrect but solidified the correct answer, FROTH. This was a Wordle win in four and kept our long-standing streak alive.

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