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X-Men’s Iceman Has the Perfect Weapon Against Vampires

In X-Men: Curse of the Mutants, Cyclops discovers that Iceman has the ultimate weapon to defeat an army of bloodthirsty vampires.

The X-Men have a wide range of mutant abilities that can be anything from extremely dangerous to oddly useful in Marvel Comics. Bobby Drake A.K.A. Iceman is one of the most frequently rostered characters on the team, as an Omega Level mutant whose cryokinesis is extremely versatile in a fight. One of Bobby’s lesser-known abilities comes into play when the X-Men must fend off an army of vampires.

In the X-Men crossover storyline, Curse of the Mutants, a human bomb explodes in San Francisco, spattering dozens with vampire blood, including the X-Man, Jubilee. After beheading his father Dracula, Xarus brings together the many vampire sects, unifying them to create a near-unstoppable army. Vampirism quickly spreads throughout the San Francisco as infected civilians answer the call of Xarus, new Lord of the Vampires. The X-Men keep Jubilee in isolation as she slowly succumbs to the vampire blood. When Wolverine’s healing factor is slowed, Jubilee bites him and he joins the vampires’ ranks. Cyclops, as leader of the X-Men, brings together mutants and Atlanteans alike to prepare for battle. He even enlists the help of Dracula, bringing him back from the dead so that the X-Men stand a fighting chance against the vampires.


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In X-Men Vol. 3 #5, by Victor Gischler, Paco Medina, Juan Vlasco and Marte Gracia, the X-Men’s base, Utopia, is under attack. Cyclops prepares the “tough-skinned” mutants—Emma Frost, Colossus and Husk among their ranks—for battle against Xarus’ vampire army. Meanwhile, Iceman is undergoing an important ritual that will give them the edge they need. In an epiphany inspired by Nightcrawler’s Catholic beliefs, Cyclops realizes something vital about Bobby Drake—Iceman is made of water. Asking for the help of a Catholic priest, Iceman is given a blessing. The ice that covers his body becomes holy water, which he later uses to incinerate vampires, consuming them in an icy tidal wave.

Iceman is blessed by a priest in X-Men Curse of the Mutants
Iceman defeats vampires in X-Men Curse of the Mutants

Unfortunately, Iceman only entered the frenzy on the tail-end of the battle, but his contribution made quite an impact. Even Blade, the Vampire Hunter, might struggle now to keep up with Bobby’s vampire-slaying game. While Iceman’s “holy ice” abilities were only used in this issue, it opens up the possibility for more creative uses of his powers. Not only does Iceman possess cryokinesis but also hydrokinesis, allowing him to control anything containing water—which could include plants and even humans.

Since his inception, Iceman has been a fan-favorite member of the X-Men, thanks to his charisma and extremely cool powers. Not only can he cool down a beverage at will, Bobby Drake is now a walking bucket of holy water. If he so much as touches a vampire, they’ll be vaporized instantly. Should the X-Men encounter vampires again in the future, Bobby will be ready so long as his blessing remains. It can only be hoped that writers continue to take creative liberty with fun X-Men characters like Iceman in future comic books.

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