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Zelda BOTW: Sign of the Shadow Shrine Quest

Zelda: Breath of the Wild contains Shrine Quests such as “Sign of the Shadow,” which requires players to use the sun and moon to reveal a shrine.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild contains a slew of side quests for players to complete, such as the ‘Sign of the Shadow’ shrine quest. The Shrines of Trials are a set of 120 small dungeons scattered throughout Hyrule. Players will find a Sheikah Monk inside each shrine who grants a blessing to the player upon discovering the shrine. However, some shrines cannot be accessed unless the player first completes a Shrine Quest.

Players adventuring throughout Hyrule may notice some Shrines of Trials dotted around the map. These shrines in can be accessed easily; players can simply walk into the shrine and receive a blessing from the Sheikah Monk who lies within. However, many other shrines are hidden from view and must be unlocked before receiving the blessing. Various Shrine Quests in BOTW require players to complete puzzles and defeat enemies to reveal hidden shrines.


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Players are encouraged to complete Shrine Quests due to the rewards they receive upon completion. After revealing and examining a shrine, players unlock an active travel gate they can use from the map screen. The shrines do not have to be cleared to activate the travel gates in  Zelda BOTW. Additionally, the Sheikah Monk within the shrine will bless players with a Spirit Orb, which can be taken to a Goddess Statue and exchanged for increased hearts or stamina. Since there are Sheikah Monks in every shrine, revealing hidden shrines by completing Shrine Quests is a no-brainer.

Completing The Sign Of The Shadow Shrine Quest In Zelda: BOTW

Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Sign Of The Shadow Shrine Quest Pedestal Sunlight

The “Sign of the Shadow” shrine quest takes place in the Gerudo Region in the southwestern portion of Hyrule. Head to the top of Gerudo Tower, whether by climbing or using BOTW‘s glider down from higher ground, to discover Kass playing the accordion at the top. Speak with Kass to hear a song he wrote about the Gerudo Region. This song contains a riddle that reveals the location of the shrine. While Kass is singing, the camera shows an outcropping below toward the southeast. Glide down to this outcropping and land on a pedestal situated next to a cliff.

Players must wait on the pedestal until the moonlight or sunlight intersects with Gerudo Tower. Sunlight intersects with the tower between 2:55 pm and 4 pm, while moonlight intersects between 12:55 am and 1:10 am. When the moonlight or sunlight is in position, stand on the illuminated pedestal and shoot a bomb arrow, ice arrow, or any other arrow toward the sun or moon over the top of Gerudo Tower. After shooting the arrow, the Sasa Kai Shrine will appear. A Guardian Scout III must be defeated to unlock the exit to the shrine. Opening the chest in the shrine gives players a Frostblade, and heading to the altar rewards players with a Spirit Orb.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is available on Nintendo Switch.

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