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Zelda: Every Magic Power Light Arrows Have Had In The Series

The Legend of Zelda series reuses a lot of characters and items, such as the Light Arrows, throughout its games with adjustments made in order to fit in each narrative’s setting. From the Master Sword to empty bottles, players have expectations about items that they should be able to find in a Zelda game. However, since the abilities of the items change between titles, expectations regarding how items and weapons will function vary.

Zelda games follow Link, who possesses the Triforce of Courage, as he embarks on various hero’s journeys for the sake of the world, whether it’s Hyrule, Termina, or another land being threatened. Link uses a lot of items to help him throughout his journey as he faces various enemies, dangers from the environment, and a wide array of puzzles. Abilities are sometimes shifted between items, like how both the Song of Healing and Zelda’s Lullaby repair signs in different games.


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A bow to shoot arrows is one of the classic weapons in Zelda games, and the arrows are particularly useful when they are imbued with magical power. Zelda games, specifically the 3D ones, often feature several different types of magical arrows, including arrows imbued with Light. Because the power of Light is used to destroy evil, the Light Arrows are often needed for Link’s fight against Ganondorf. Some games, however give the Light Arrows more than only this ultimate ability.

Ocarina Of Time’s Light Arrows Defeat Evil And Bring Wealth


In Ocarina of Time, Light Arrows are required to fight Ganondorf, and they can be used to stun him when he’s transformed into the character’s more bestial form, Ganon. They’re used to break the barrier blocking off the upper levels of Ganon’s Castle and allow Link to get to Ganondorf in his castle to fight him in the first place. But the Light Arrows have another ability in Ocarina of Time that makes them rather valuable. Light Arrows don’t do more damage than regular arrows, but when an enemy is defeated using a Light Arrow, it will drop 50 Rupees. This makes Light Arrows a lot more useful than a weapon like the Giant’s Knife in Ocarina of Time.

Light Arrows Even Pierce The Evil Of Majora’s Mask


Although Ganondorf isn’t a boss in Majora’s Mask, the Light Arrows are still useful when fighting the eponymous boss and for progressing through the Stone Tower Temple. They can also help when fighting Twinmold, who is the boss of Stone Tower Temple. Aside from these boss fights, the Light Arrows have another use in the doppelgänger-filled Zelda: Majora’s Mask that isn’t related to bosses or progressing through dungeons at all. Much like Ocarina of Time, Light Arrows in Majora’s Mask will make enemies defeated with them drop 50 Rupees. The difference is that the Light Arrows in Majora’s Mask do more damage than normal arrows, making them especially useful against enemies like Iron Knuckles.

The Best Weapon In The Wind Waker Is The Light Arrow


The Wind Waker returns to using Light Arrows primarily to fight Ganondorf in his various forms. In the final fight with Ganondorf, Zelda will use Link’s bow and Light Arrows to help by stunning Ganondorf with them. However, Light Arrows also received a buff for The Wind Waker, making them the best weapon in the game, even more powerful than The Legend of Zelda‘s magical Master Sword.

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Aside from bosses, Light Arrows can kill any common enemy with a single hit and are able to pierce multiple enemies at a time. This added ability makes Light Arrows in The Wind Waker one of the item’s strongest variations out of the Zelda games.

Twilight Princess Keeps Light Arrows Away From Link


Light Arrows appear particularly late in Twilight Princess compared to previous entries in the series. Unlike Zelda games before it, Twilight Princess doesn’t allow Link to obtain Light Arrows at all. A phase of the battle with Ganondorf takes place on horseback, and Zelda asks the Spirits of Light for their help in the fight. Zelda will ride horseback with Link and shoot Ganondorf with Light Arrows to slow him down, which allows Link to strike him. Other than that, they don’t have any other powers or uses in Twilight Princess.

Princess Zelda Takes Aim Against Malladus In Spirit Tracks


Spirit Tracks, with its lower resolution cel-shading a la Wind Waker, doesn’t get as much love as other Zelda titles, having only been released on Nintendo DS until it was later brought to the Wii U via the virtual console, but like other games, Light Arrows are needed in order to beat the primary villain of the game: Malladus. Before they can be used against Malladus, however, Link needs to shoot Zelda with them because Light Arrows will free her body from Malladus’ control. After Zelda is freed, she will shoot Malladus with the Light Arrows aimed at his weak points while Link distracts him, which is the only way to defeat the boss.

Only Light Arrows Can Damage Dark Beast Ganon In BOTW


Players can use a BOTW glitch for the Bow of Light in order to access it early, otherwise it won’t be obtained until near the end of the game. One bonus for the BOTW Bow of Light is that it can shoot an unlimited number of Light Arrows. As in other Zelda games, Light Arrows have the power to defeat evil, which makes them necessary to damage Dark Beast Ganon by attacking his glowing weak points. Since Light Arrows are received so late in the game, they aren’t ever needed outside of the final confrontation.

Light Arrows have non-canon appearances as well, but when they show up in canon Zelda games, their greatest use is in defeating the evil that’s threatening Hyrule. However, Nintendo will often give them an extra use depending on the game, like making enemies drop more Rupees, The Legend of Zelda’s money, or dealing more damage, to make them an option to use throughout, instead of only at the end. Because Light Arrows always have at least one power that makes them vital for the game, they definitely aren’t useless, but they usually have very little utility. It would be fun to see Nintendo add more unique abilities to Light Arrows and make them obtainable earlier so they can be used more in Breath of the Wild 2, the next game joining the Zelda series.

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