Nick Cannon Talks Launch Of New Daytime Talk Show: ‘This Is A Show About Community’

By Brent Furdyk.

Nick Cannon will be expanding his reach with the launch of his own syndicated daytime talk show.

Launching later this month, “Nick Cannon” will tape in New York City’s Harlem, and is described as bringing Cannon’s “fresh, funny and unique perspective to daytime,” a “fun, inspiring, optimistic, energetic and unpredictable hour of comedy-driven entertainment [that] will feature the best of pop culture, celebrity interviews, music performancesand people who have incredible stories and talents to share.”

On Friday, Cannon spoke with media during a Zoom interview, and teased what viewers can expect from his latest project.

“It’s gonna be a big surprise each and every day,” said Cannon. “My intro is gonna be different every single day.”

Considering all the other projects that the “Masked Singer” host has on the burner, Cannon said he’s been taking care of himself physically, and is ready for grueling demands of a five-days-a-week show. “I’m ready for it — I’m in fighting shape,” he said. “This is not an easy task, considering all of the other things I have to do, so I want to truly be prepared, mentally, physically and spiritually.”

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Overall, he admitted, “I’m feeling good, I’m feeling vibrant, I’m feeling optimistic.”

Cannon also insisted that nerves were not a factor. “I don’t get nervous,” he declared. “The only time I get nervous is when I’m unprepared.”

As he explained, he’s far from unprepared for the launch of “Nick Cannon,” explaining his hands-on tendencies to oversee every aspect of production, “from the music to the wardrobe to the lighting, I pay close attention to detail.”

Asked about the types of guests he’s looking to welcome, Cannon revealed he’s looking to offer viewers some surprises. “The guests on this show are totally just people that I’m fascinated by… I’ve taken a page out of some of the talk show greats that have come before me,” he said. “The best interviews are those opportunities where you can introduce your audience to new ideas, new people, new fascinations.”

Another aspect that makes the show different is that it will tape in a studio in Harlem — which, he pointed out, has never been done before.

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“It’s a God-given privilege to be in Harlem,” he declared. “This is a show about community really coming from the community… there’s been a lot of shows coming to you from Hollywood, midtown, downtown, but there’s never been one coming to you from uptown.”

His primary goal for the show, he explained, is “honestly, to do it my way. I’ve accomplished everything I’ve ever wanted to do in entertainment, and now it’s like I can just kinda take my jacket off for a little bit and just offer up my platform to others. I’m at that space in my life where it’s all about giving other people opportunity. I don’t need or want to be the best actor or musician or comedian — I do all of those things, and I do them because I love them — but now I really want to be the best conduit, I want to be the best provider and storyteller and this is the perfect platform for it. ”

“Nick Cannon” debuts on Monday, Sept. 27.

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