Producers Guild Sets Teams For Its Inaugural PGA Create Program

The Producers Guild of America has revealed the 10 producers and producing teams set to take part in PGA Create, its inaugural lab for emerging and midcareer creative producers that focuses on supporting producers from underrepresented backgrounds.

Set to run October 25-28, PGA Create will showcase creative producers and producing teams developing, financing and packaging scripted features and series. Participants will have opportunities to hone their project pitches, attend master classes with experienced producers and build their network of fellow producers.


The program is designed to provide touch points over the span of one year, including an invitation for participants of its Scripted and Documentary cycles to re-convene during the PGA Create Forum, a daylong new event held during the PGA’s signature Produced By Conference in June.

Lead sponsor Google will provide resources and a variety of products to help the recipients throughout their creative journeys.

Here are the producers and producing teams invited to participate in PGA Create:


Ashley Flores, Writer/Producer and Sabrina Ehlert, Producer, Madrigal 10
Inspired by true events in 1970, an idealistic Latina lawyer discovers that LA county hospital is performing illegal sterilizations on Latina women and must rally the mothers to go into an impossible fight.

Beverley Gordon, Producer, Experience
Set in San Francisco’s Tenderloin, a lonely, emotionally scarred African-American bus driver, estranged from her family and grieving for her sister, discovers a beautiful love doll on her bus, and begins a journey to find its owner and heal herself.

Nasir Kenneth Ferebee and Quan Lateef-Hill, Producers, Give The Drummer Some
A teenage girl and her friends start a female music rebellion and struggle to survive in 1980’s crack and crime-ridden Washington D.C.

Gia Rigoli, Producer, The Weight of Land
When a family of Latino ranch hands become ranch owners, small-town politics and violent land feuds drive a wedge between the Estradas and their small Arizona town.

Sav Rodgers, Writer/Producer and Alex Schmider, Producer, I Love You, Felix McNeil
Transgender teenage boy Felix McNeil’s high school start was nearly ordinary — breaking an arm, crushing hard, and juggling the inevitable woes of adolescence — but when a larger-than-life, boundlessly supportive A-list actress/imaginary friend falls into his world from a billboard, things take a turn for the extraordinary.

Rabia Sultana, Producer, Mala Sangre
A Ngäbe indigenous healer finds herself confronted by an intrusive archaeologist obsessed with unlocking the mystery of a sacred site. Her faith is tested when ancestral spirits insist that helping the foreign woman is the only way to save her people.


Ken Arquelio and Juan Pablo Arias Muñoz, Writer/Creators/EP, Desert Rats
After the death of his best friend, a used car salesman undergoing a mid-life crisis, quits his job, and decides to sell luxury real estate after blackmailing a wealthy Palm Springs porn producer who murders her elderly husband.

Rashad Chambers, Writer/Creator/EP, Outliers
Two young black executives go on a journey of self-discovery as they hustle to build an empire that can take down the antiquated old boys’ network.

Marissa Diaz, EP/Creator, The Real and Magical Diaries of Luna Icaza
Luna inherits her grandmother’s magic on the night of her quinceañera and uses her new power to tame the ancient Mexican mythological creatures that come to destroy her hometown.

Elisha Miranda, Writer/Producer and Audrey Seda, Producer, The Chronicles of Eva
When a teen girls’ mother is deported back to her country, she discovers her super power of drawing pictures that come to life, she must then decide: save her mother or use her power to make America “nice” again.

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