RHOSLC: Lisa Barlow Claims Jen Said “Horrible Things” to Her

Lisa Barlow weighed in on her “icy” lunch date with Jen Shah after the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

Looking back at her first post-arrest meeting with Jen, who had been charged with money laundering and fraud for her alleged role in a telemarking scheme, Lisa revealed things became even more tense between the two of them on the phone after their outing.

“It felt a little icy in the beginning because I think she was upset that I didn’t meet with her sooner,” Lisa shared on the December 20 episode of the RHOSLC: After Show, insisting she wasn’t judging Jen based off her legal case.

Jen was absolutely upset that Lisa didn’t communicate with her earlier and said during her own segment that it took Lisa about two weeks to answer her phone calls.

“At first, I kept making excuses for why she wasn’t picking up because that was the less hurtful path for me. I really felt Lisa was there for me, like she was a true friend. She was supposed to be my friend,” Jen noted.

As for their meeting, Jen said Lisa was more concerned with painting Heather Gay and Whitney Rose as villains than she was with discussing her own behavior.

“Her intention was to show me what a piece of sh-t Heather and Whitney are. And that’s when I got upset,” Jen recalled.

But, after the lunch, as Jen revealed, Lisa called her to make amends.

“She called me because she knew she was in the wrong and she was trying to apologize and I told her, I said, ‘I get it but I’m very hurt,’” Jen shared.

Meanwhile, according to Lisa, who broke down while discussing the phone conversation, Jen was berating her during the call. And, because her kids were in the car, they were able to hear all the “horrible things” Jen was saying.

“My kids heard her yelling at me and not saying some nice things,” Lisa said, getting choked up. “She said some horrible things to me. My little Henry heard it. My Jack heard it… It was so hurtful. Henry was hugging me and saying, ‘Mommy, you’re perfect. Don’t listen to Jen.’ It’s tragic all the way around.”

Still, Lisa insisted she had compassion for her RHOSLC castmate during their lunch, saying it was hard watching her “sob over the situation” and witness “all the emotion she was going through.”

“Nothing else really mattered at that point,” she stated. “Did it matter to me that she yelled at me? Did it matter that she hurt my feelings? No. Jen’s freedom is on the line and honestly, we left hugging.”

“I’m glad I met with her. It was the right thing to do and I care a lot about her. This is what friends do,” Lisa continued.

Unfortunately, Jen doesn’t seem to be buying Lisa’s supposed compassion.

“I think Lisa’s full of sh-t,” Jen admitted. “She’s just trying to bring up something to make it sound… Because right now, Lisa, you’re the piece of sh-t.”

Photos Credit: Heidi Gutman/ Andrew Peterson/Bravo

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