RHOSLC’s Whitney Rose On Why She’s Not Talking About Jen’s Legal Drama, Defends Questioning Meredith on Dad’s Memorial

Whitney Rose is speaking out after being called out by a fan page on Instagram.

After continuously questioning Meredith Marks about her late father’s memorial on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Whitney explained why Jen Shah‘s legal drama has seemingly been put on the back-burner, insisted she was there for Meredith after her dad’s passing, and noted that she wasn’t the one who started the memorial speculation to begin with.

“I seriously can’t with these girls. The only thing that they should be talking about is Jen’s arrest and the allegations that have been made,” the fan page wrote on February 7. “Still talking about Meredith’s [father’s] memorial is absolutely [disgusting]. Whitney was 100% wrong here. She seemed to agree because she told Jen and Jennie she regretted what she said. Jen Shah takes this opportunity to high five Whitney and celebrate the ‘should I have called a private investigator to find out what the memorial service was?’ comment. That is some low class behavior. Truly [disgusting].“

Following the post, Whitney weighed in on the fan page’s opinion on her behavior in a comment.

“I [100%] agree with you. However, Jen cannot talk about the details of her open case… so that made it hard to question her at that point in time. Once she goes to trial we will be able to talk about it,” Whitney revealed.

“Also,” she continued. “I was very supportive of [Meredith Marks] and I think she would agree that I was there for her and trying to support her. My delivery sucked but I was trying to help her out. When she lost her father, I showed up and spent time with her and took her to different healing sessions but unfortunately non of those scenes aired.”

Also in her comment, Whitney said that she wasn’t the one who prompted the questions surrounding Meredith’s father’s memorial and claimed she was simply caught up in “someone else’s mess.”

“I completely understand your perspective and realize how it appears but I just want you to realize that it wasn’t me who started the speculation. I just got tangled in someone else’s mess,” she stated.

RHOSLC Whitney Rose Explains Not Talking About Jen Shah Case, Says She Was There for Meredith Marks After Father's Death

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Photos Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

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